Wednesday, May 11

let there be more

I always wonder if anyone ever notices that I occasionally change the subtitle and footer on this page.

An experiment? -- I wonder how long it would be before some neighbor registered a complaint if I started building a wall of beer bottles in front of my apartment. Just empties in their sixer-cartons stacked upon each other, or perhaps a pyramid.

I bought the new album by Dan Snaith today. Formerly known as Manitoba, now Caribou. I like it quite a lot, being as I've played it three times and am going to replay it again momentarily. It's called The Milk of Human Kindness and it's, . . . , some kind of wonderful.

Also been listening to Bloc Party's Silent Alarm the last couple of days. Had that album for a while now but just started digging it when it was playing down at Boo's.

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1 comment:

DM said...

I've noticed that you change this up. I never bothered messing w/it because you're far more clever at these sorts of things than I am.

I imagine I'll be contributing to the pyramid soon. Heh.