Tuesday, May 31

if you're happy AND you know it

I didn't count but I know you averaged more beers, on the couch, than I. But I was pretty preoccupied with either eBay or Star Wars: KotoR.

Halo 2. You actually surprised me quite a few times. I wouldn't say you suck so much as you lack experience. Yes you died many times more than I, but seriously you are the only person I can beat that consistently. All the people I play with are better than, or as good as, myself. I know the sponge feeling well. I don't haveXBOX LIVE and the crew I used to play with just has other things going on. Between peoples kids, weddings, night shifts and class schedules it's hard to get together with folks these days.

It was good to have you here Dan. I can't believe how fast that time went by. I had 5 days off work and it's over. No biggy. Such is life. Hip-hip hurrah.

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