Tuesday, May 31

home again

Before I left spokane, I counted beer bottles.
42, in one AHo's apt. That would be 21 beers per man, over the course of 3 days.
Now-that's assuming we split the beers. I don't know that we did.

And this does not include the beers we had elsewhere. Downing Gorgonzola Fries. Eating at my sister's place. While I was visiting with Rasta.

Let me tell you; I drank a hell of a lot of beer.

I also learned that I suck ass at Halo. There is probably nothing that can be done about this. I will play that game, and I will die. A lot. If anyone ever asks where the phrase 'bullet sponge' came from, you'll know that I started it while playing Halo-because that's what I do.

I wish we'd had a chance to play Burnout 3, and that I'd brought God of War. Sigh. No matter how much time there is, it doesn't seem like there's enough.

Fun sights on the trip: the Tillicum Inn, and the Tranny Shack.

I listened to a lot of Spokane rock too. 80's Yes. Led Zeppelin. Joe Satriani. Honeymoon Suite. The Who. Supertramp, Danzig, and the soundtrack to the Transformers Movie.

Good times, overall. I'm pretty much recovered today, and that's cool. I got to see the family, see my friends, and that's good times. I'd do it more often if life allowed for it.


The Primordial Stewardess said...

An average of ten beers a day keeps the doctor away! Or something.

DM said...

I think I managed that average.

Which is probably ok, so long as I don't drive. Which I didn't(not while drunk, that is)