Tuesday, May 17

eat better butter

Dan and Liz will be visiting next week. I am looking forward to it. And the beer. I love beer. Dan loves beer. We will love the beer together. Our sordid ménage à trois shall not go unnoticed by others, as we will most veritably love beer together in public.

I've been writing the last couple of days. Trying, or not trying, to be as ridiculous and carefree in the act as possible. At the very least I have found that I can entertain myself this way. And that reason alone should be enough to keep me at it. Whether any of it is ever looked at again, refined and posted remains to be seen.

I love NETFLIX. At the same time I am frustrated. I've let them know that. You surely want to know why. On occasion a disc will arrive that is either damaged or that is the wrong disc altogether. I don't expect this not to happen. I do feel there needs to be some sort of 'service recovery'. When the ball is dropped or a mistake is made something should be done to make me feel better about it. I want to be an enthusiastic customer, not a frustrated one. The process currently in place is that you report the problem using the appropriate link. You let them know whether the disc was damaged, just didn't play, was mislabeled or what not. Send the disc back and wait for your next disc. Sometimes they ask if you want a replacement disc right away, other times they tell you to stick it back in your queue - I'm not sure how that is determined. I feel that as soon as I report a problem they should promptly send me a new disc, whether that be a replacement or simply the next in my queue. Why should I have to wait until the problem disc gets back to them for them to send me a new one? This decreases the level of the NETFLIX experience and makes me frown.

Ok, so that's my rant on that. In this particular case I've actually had to report two problems for the same disc. The first disc was damaged and the replacement was the wrong disc in the correct sleeve.

I've been watching Smallville: Season One and am down to the last two discs. I was watching the second to the last disc (episodes 17-20) and ep.19 didn't work. I watched ep.20 and sent the disc back. I also had the last disc in my possession and was hoping to watch ep.19 before I started it. Not critical to do, but hey. I was expecting another disc the next day, Spanglish, which I enjoyed, and figured I could wait for the replacement disc, watch ep. 19 really quick, toss it back in the mail (same-day style) and get to the last disc. So the replacement shows up today and I pop that sucker in and damn if it's not episodes 17-20 of SEASON TWO!!! Yargh. So now I may watch the last disc of Season One before seeing ep.19, just so I can get that sucker in the mail tomorrow. Gotta' keep that pipeline flowin'.

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