Monday, April 4


I'm listening to Isis' Wills Dissolve. Good, atmospheric metal. Just a fantastic album in general, but Wills Dissolve is as good a track as any.

A brief second on this statement:
"I'm very thankful that Dan contributes to this here page of ours, because I'm much better when I have someone to bounce things back and forth with. If this were a solo page I assure you that the activity would be glacial."

Yeah. I've got my own damn site, and sometimes I've got it goin' on, but most of the time I'm just fucking around, and it shows. When I come here and we get to have a conversation, that's sweet. The RE4 thing we did in Jan was awesome to write, and probably more fun to read than most of our posts.

Oh-the link in the headline will take you to Dino Comics, which is strange but I seem to have an affinity for that no one can explain.

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