Saturday, April 30

get that perfect shave

Learn something useful.

Alternative Meal

From the Nevada Department of Corrections for food-abusive inmates. Interesting.


The Simpsons

This is for Dan, and anyone else who stumbles upon it that gives a crap.

The Simpsons Archive

Tuesday, April 26

Legal Radiohead downloads for charity.

The entire catalog kids.

Pitchfork: Daily Music News

pattern recognition

Link goes to neat Scientific American article.

I forgot my lunch today. I'm hungry, and there are no vending machines at work. Maybe I should go up to Ms. Fields cookies for, well, a cookie.

Been feeling a bit troubled, lately. Nothing specific, just a malaise that has allowed for more troubling thoughts to run around my brain. These thoughts are encouraging, if I'm interested in dark introspection, but plain, well lit introspection is usually enough for me. I guess I need a nap, and maybe a nice little evening of revelry (with alcohol, and possibly boobies).

I certainly need food. Food by itself may help. And sleep is always a good thing-that work around the bed that I haven't gotten to.

I don't know if I'm depressed or just fucking too apathetic to put a name to where I'm at. I'm sure tomorrow will be better, but that betterness is highly contingent on the rest of my day being at least passable.

Oh yes. There's a staff meeting today. So much for my good time. Fuck you, staff meetings.

Saturday, April 23

Quality Couch Time

Quality Couch Time
Quality Couch Time,
originally uploaded by A.Ho.
My brother and our nephew Sean.

The Gash

The Gash
The Gash,
originally uploaded by A.Ho.
It's a beautiful spring morning, the air is fresh and sweet and I have no plans. I switched a shift at work and now I'm scheduled off at 9:15am, leaving me an entire day to do with as I please. And since I have the entire day, and I haven't been to an ER in around six months, I thought it would be a nice idea to gash my lower right thigh open with a box-knife. I need some guidance, and a new pair of work pants.

Friday, April 22


I swear. I have been wanting to get a new 2" binder for 2 solid weeks. I even emailed myself so I'd see it at work and go get one on my lunch.
And I forgot.

It's totally mundane, and wholly stupid, but jesus! What does it take to remember to buy a $5 binder. ($5 for a binder! Holy moley!)

Now I've got to go after work and get it, which isn't that big a deal, except I prefer to use that time to catch the soonest bus I can so I can go home. I'm hungry. I need quesadillas.

Monday, April 18

cat video

Walking to work today, I had Busta Rhymes' 'Gimme Some More' in my head. Still do.

Ah, work. It just is. Video link was sent by Fuz. It's quite odd.

Friday, April 15

spit it out

I had a dream last night where there was a rhino on a stage, and a voice said: "The rhino is not concerned."

No, I don't know what it means. It doesn't disturb me in any way, it's just weird in that I can't not think about it way.

And I'm wrestling with issues of my own suckiness. I write, and when I send something away, and never hear a word after that, I don't know what to do.

I guess write some more and try to get better. I can't think of anything else that doesn't involve very dark things.

I'm starting to buy more Magic cards again. I guess the ideas are hitting.

And tonight, I go to the Slipknot concert. I'm looking forward to this. Jumping around to heavy metal is good for your soul when you've got self doubt.

Tuesday, April 12

Man, cell phones are dumb

And if you have one...I'd say there's a 14%+ chance that you're a friggin' moron too.

Blah, blah blah, they're useful, whatever. I don't care. I learned not to always answer the phone when I was 21. (Although I should've known better by then, really, but I've always been a late bloomer).

I'm currently playing Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and it's enjoyable. I read a review of Psychonauts yesterday in Play magazine that makes me think it might be the schnizite.

Saturday, April 9

new quote I like

"Thanksgiving without turkey is like Friday with no two pizzas" -Joey

Friday, April 8

thanks Fuz

Who stole this form

"Camus promised me that when I died I would be utterly alone, just an
absurdly suffering creature and a bleak, uncaring, meaningless cosmos.
He said nothing about all these people nagging at me via email. Camus

Monday, April 4

they're wrong

It has come to my attention that there are people who don't like pancakes.

WTF, as they say.


I'm listening to Isis' Wills Dissolve. Good, atmospheric metal. Just a fantastic album in general, but Wills Dissolve is as good a track as any.

A brief second on this statement:
"I'm very thankful that Dan contributes to this here page of ours, because I'm much better when I have someone to bounce things back and forth with. If this were a solo page I assure you that the activity would be glacial."

Yeah. I've got my own damn site, and sometimes I've got it goin' on, but most of the time I'm just fucking around, and it shows. When I come here and we get to have a conversation, that's sweet. The RE4 thing we did in Jan was awesome to write, and probably more fun to read than most of our posts.

Oh-the link in the headline will take you to Dino Comics, which is strange but I seem to have an affinity for that no one can explain.