Thursday, March 31

zippidy doo-dah

Yeah, I had problems logging in the other day. Haven't been too into the blogging thing at all, changed my priorities a bit. More reading, less PCing. So if anyone actually missed my inane posts, that's why.

Truth is I'm not really big on keeping up my own blog, I rarely feel like I have much to say. I've always been that way. When I was younger I was pretty damn shy and I didn't socialize. If I didn't feel I had something to contribute to a conversation I didn't say anything. And most of the talk in highschool and such wasn't worth commenting on.

I'm very thankful that Dan contributes to this here page of ours, because I'm much better when I have someone to bounce things back and forth with. If this were a solo page I assure you that the activity would be glacial.

Pitchfork: I'm not impressed with the new look. I takes forever to load, there's no improvement interface wise and as far as the look of it goes, eh. The old site was just as good. Another thing: I emailed them a while back with a couple questions and never got anysort of reply whatsoever. I'm sure they get a bunch of email, but ya' know what, that just sucks. As far as I'm concerned I'm a customer of theirs and they can take a moment to send me a quick email, even if it's just to tell me to fuck off and quit buggin em'. I don't really read the reviews too much, and I never finished the Arcade Fire interview, the printout is lying around here somewhere, I just like to check in on the news and check in with the numeric rank they give some albums. I will read a review if I have a good interest in it though, such as the Prefuse 73 album which they gave a 6.x. I'll buy it anyway. And I like their lists, BNM, Top 100 and such. Otherwise, whatever, I still check it all the time but they're getting a bit of a chip on there shoulder, or a bigger chip anyhow, it seems they've always had one.

Halo 2-Fest 2005 coming up at Nathan's new house. 2 projector TVs, different rooms, BBQ. 'nuff said.

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DM said...

Halo 2 alert sounds cool.

I've been having the same trouble at StarCityGames as you had w/Pitchfork. I wrote 3 articles, and then the 4th didn't appear. I email people asking about what happened, nothing. I write a 5th, that doesn't appear.

I ask if my contributions are even required, and I still get nothing. This is really, really aggrivating. I don't just write to keep the demons at bay. I want to get better, you know, and the only way to do that is to have people publish my stuff.

fucking, sigh.