Wednesday, March 30


It's been awhile since I did this. But I've been having trouble logging in. Fuckin' a, people don't you know I can only post in between rants while I'm at work? I haven't updated the web site either, but...well, no I don't have a good reason for that, either. Besides the cold, my need for alcohol and the fact that there's been a woman to distract me from the warm light of the computer monitor.

I have come up with a few things, though:
I'm starting to lose faith in the writing at Pitchfork. Their review of the new QOTSA was lame, with one of the shittiest closing lines I've read there. Couple this with the really, really bad interview with The Arcade Fire, and I'm taking their opinon less seriously. Somehow. (Oh no! Some internet fuck is losing faith in Pitchfork!)

God of War for the PS2 is some good. Any videogame where I can engage in a 3some will earn bonus points. More bonus points for visible boobage. I likes the boobage. But the gameplay is savage, and while I don't always approve of its brutality, I understand what's going on here. It's fun. And not for children.

The Matrix trilogy is awesome, and I'd be an online junkie if I could, so I'm glad I can't. I know the Matrix has issues. Meh. Still more challenging to think about than LotR.

Next time I'm in Seattle I must look for the Elysium brewery/pub/whatever. It's insane good.

Sin City. This must be seen.

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