Thursday, March 31

zippidy doo-dah

Yeah, I had problems logging in the other day. Haven't been too into the blogging thing at all, changed my priorities a bit. More reading, less PCing. So if anyone actually missed my inane posts, that's why.

Truth is I'm not really big on keeping up my own blog, I rarely feel like I have much to say. I've always been that way. When I was younger I was pretty damn shy and I didn't socialize. If I didn't feel I had something to contribute to a conversation I didn't say anything. And most of the talk in highschool and such wasn't worth commenting on.

I'm very thankful that Dan contributes to this here page of ours, because I'm much better when I have someone to bounce things back and forth with. If this were a solo page I assure you that the activity would be glacial.

Pitchfork: I'm not impressed with the new look. I takes forever to load, there's no improvement interface wise and as far as the look of it goes, eh. The old site was just as good. Another thing: I emailed them a while back with a couple questions and never got anysort of reply whatsoever. I'm sure they get a bunch of email, but ya' know what, that just sucks. As far as I'm concerned I'm a customer of theirs and they can take a moment to send me a quick email, even if it's just to tell me to fuck off and quit buggin em'. I don't really read the reviews too much, and I never finished the Arcade Fire interview, the printout is lying around here somewhere, I just like to check in on the news and check in with the numeric rank they give some albums. I will read a review if I have a good interest in it though, such as the Prefuse 73 album which they gave a 6.x. I'll buy it anyway. And I like their lists, BNM, Top 100 and such. Otherwise, whatever, I still check it all the time but they're getting a bit of a chip on there shoulder, or a bigger chip anyhow, it seems they've always had one.

Halo 2-Fest 2005 coming up at Nathan's new house. 2 projector TVs, different rooms, BBQ. 'nuff said.


I'd go see Ted Danson's comeback performance.

Wednesday, March 30


It's been awhile since I did this. But I've been having trouble logging in. Fuckin' a, people don't you know I can only post in between rants while I'm at work? I haven't updated the web site either, but...well, no I don't have a good reason for that, either. Besides the cold, my need for alcohol and the fact that there's been a woman to distract me from the warm light of the computer monitor.

I have come up with a few things, though:
I'm starting to lose faith in the writing at Pitchfork. Their review of the new QOTSA was lame, with one of the shittiest closing lines I've read there. Couple this with the really, really bad interview with The Arcade Fire, and I'm taking their opinon less seriously. Somehow. (Oh no! Some internet fuck is losing faith in Pitchfork!)

God of War for the PS2 is some good. Any videogame where I can engage in a 3some will earn bonus points. More bonus points for visible boobage. I likes the boobage. But the gameplay is savage, and while I don't always approve of its brutality, I understand what's going on here. It's fun. And not for children.

The Matrix trilogy is awesome, and I'd be an online junkie if I could, so I'm glad I can't. I know the Matrix has issues. Meh. Still more challenging to think about than LotR.

Next time I'm in Seattle I must look for the Elysium brewery/pub/whatever. It's insane good.

Sin City. This must be seen.

Tuesday, March 15

Here comes the argument

The following is a reply I gave to the question: Have you been naughty or nice?

"You have presented me with the Iocane Powder dilemma. I clearly cannot say naughty, for this would open me up to all kinds of evil forces, and even some good ones, hellbent on extracting vengance for past deeds. But I cannot say nice either, for that would make me a liar, and we shall tolerate no lies upon questions such as these.

Yet we are friends, perhaps? And friends sometimes let each other lie; we know that there are untruths that must be allowed if we are to get along. This lie would obviously place me in the naughty camp. Yet my concern for said friendship speaks to a goodness that most men would ignore, in hopes that the lie would be more effective. That is-I am willing to call myself a sinner for the greater good, thus putting me farther toward the nice realm, than a dark hearted one.

Of course, neither of these choices is made easier by the threat of physical punishment, which could be seen as getting my comeuppance, or truly a broader statement of man's inhumanity to man, where indeed the good shall suffer, and the gods shall allow it, so that we may grow and become truly free. These spankings complicate an already complex matter; sometimes I know that I am to be punished for the villainy I have committed, and it would be only just for me to accept that stout-heartedly. But I do not wish to be punished for deeds I have not done; the idea is not only anti-American, it is, at it's core level, refusing acts of injustice that makes better than we could be without said challenges.

I must ponder on this matter more. It may take quite some time...but I promise you I shall give this matter my full attention as the day continues into night."

Thursday, March 3

The Mars Volta

I'm listening to Francis the Mute.

Then it hits me: I don't give a fuck about prog rock. I really don't. Tool would be the only real exception to this rule, and that's probably because 1) they're rooted in heavy metal 2) lyrically they aren't just abstract messes that don't ever speak poetically 3) they don't just wander around and then peter out with bloops and bleeps like a drunk through the streets at 3 am to end songs.

And I hear these songs on Francis, and I think: shit man, this is, in some ways, everything I hated about 80's thrash metal-overwrought guitars that want to spend more time going weedly-weedly-weedly wee-weeEEEEEE! than actually playing something or contributing to the song as a whole.

It's too bad, b/c there are some really interesting moments here to, where 70's funk(James Brown horn sections) combine with the mess that is the rest of the band and the song becomes really interesting. But only for 3 minutes. In a 40 minute song, that really isn't enough.

Pitchfork hit a lot of it on the head already, and I'm just agreeing with them, I guess.

Wednesday, March 2

Ebay amusement

Found courtesy

Tuesday, March 1

Pretty Damn Funny

On a couple of occasions my brother has claimed Coupling to be the funniest show on television. I was able to watch an episode at his place the other night, and he may not be wrong.

Radio discussion

Something to go with the podcast link down low.

I like Plastic(the web site). Discussion is almost always above my head, and interesting.

In this case, I can tell you why I don't listen to radio.

1) Music is shit.
2) Playing 5 songs per hour is shit. (Average pop song, 3.5-4 minutes. Even if you wente to 5 minutes, hearing, say 9 songs/hour doesn't seem unreasonable. And that's if the songs are 5 minutes long)
3) DJ's are the unfunny. They not only lack funniness, they actually suck the funny out of me, somehow, through the airwaves. It's like a space-time warp, a black hole, a Satan of funny exists, and it absolutely implodes all that is humorous into itself, crapping out something worse than mediocrity, something that there isn't even a word for, it's so lame, bland and weak.
4) Every time I change the channel to hear something that isn't commercials or unfunny, I get...MORE commercials or Unfunny.
5) If the music by some miracle isn't shit, I can count on that hit song being played once per hour, on the hour. I once set my watch by when Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun was on the radio. (Quarter after, for those who were wondering)

That about sums it up.