Wednesday, January 19


Very little sleep, up too late playing RE4; worked at 6:30 AM. Bought Fiery Furnaces| EP & The Futureheads| The Futureheads today. Came home, went to store, ate toast, watched The A-Team, VERY short nap, brother visits (play some RE4 while brother signs up for NETFLIX), brother leaves, watch School of Rock and then I blog, briefly. It's time to sleep.

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DM said...

Very little sleep, up too late with a gal, beer was involved; RE4 played earlier current boss not wanting to die to my Butterfly. Found out gal is going to Hawaii. Wishing I had Futureheads, but will instead get Anthrax's Greater of Two Evils, Ted Leo, and maybe Isis. On top of looking for Slipknot ticket. Show up to work exhausted, log on to read Bloggin. 823am and this puppy needs a goddamn nap. Mastadon's Leviathan sustains me. It's time to shit.