Friday, January 14

That's It-

I'm fucking getting RE4 today.

It's a bit of a drawback, since I've promised myself some time with GTA: San Andreas. Oh yes. But I'm an RE whore, and I probably always will be.


A.Ho said...

Sweet! With all I've been reading about RE4 I've been thinking about you. And thinking I should give that RE you sent me another go. We'll see how I feel over the next few days.

A.Ho said...

I did it too. Hey it's my birthday after all, which is funny, because I keep forgetting that fact until someone reminds me with a 'Happy Birthday'. Anyhow I went to get my paycheck today and wandered into EB Games, $50 Gift Card from Christmas in hand. I hadn't planned on using it so soon, let alone on a full priced new release, but I now have RE4. This should be some fun. Been a while since Dan and I played the same game, BOUNCER - I think, and even though we're a few hundred miles away it will be good to have the feedback. He's got a lot more RE experience than me though so I expect I'll be in his footsteps.

A.Ho said...

Current RE4 Benchmark: I got the Beerstein!

And, incidentally, it takes 5 handgun rounds to take out a cow, one for a chicken, and I don't think you can kill the dog.

This game is cool. I wish the controls were a little more like the 1st person shooters I'm used to playing, i.e. more strafing style movement and sidling up next to walls and stuff and maybe a crouch position, hell maybe a crawl position, but it's fun, and I've gotten used to it.