Friday, January 28


There was a larger post here, but it seemed largely unorganized and I just don't have the patience right now to make it all coherent. In short I'm going to watch a bunch of television thanks to NETFLIX, some I've seen, some I haven't. Here's a list:

Battlestar Galactica: The Epic Series
Star Blazers
The A-Team: Season 1
Homicide: Life On The Streets
Arrested Development
The Office
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Land of The Lost
Rikki-Tikki Tavi
Best of The Muppet Show: ft. Mark Hamill
Babylon 5

of course there's a slew of movies in my queue as well.


Chairman Blao said...

I love love love the Netflix. If you wanna, we can be Netflix friends.

I love a-watching TeeVee thanks to them. I highly recommend Deadwood: Season 1. It's been at least 10 years since I've enjoyed a show as much. Oooo, and SportsNight!

And get Harold and Kumar go to White Castle for a 90 minute gutlaff.

A.Ho said...

ooh ooh ooh, I should check out Oz too! And I really, really, really want The Six-Million-Dollar Man to be released, soon.

A.Ho said...

Mr Chairman Blao, as I don't have your email I can't do a NETFLIX Friend Invite, so feel free to invite me.

DM said...

I almost outed the Chairman, but I won't. Heh.

Farscape, Homicide, Arrested Development and the Muppets I can totally recommend. If you can't appreciate the Muppets, I think we can safely declare you a non-human and treat you much like any other neo-conservative.

I need to do the 24 thing. I also want to see The Wire something bad.

Chairman Blao said...

I just added you, so there you have it.

Oz Season 4 was just released today. w00t.