Sunday, January 9


Let's see if I can make this blog a little more, well, bloggy, I guess. It may work out that it just becomes more complicated. But, before I get to that, I'd like to give a public 'Thank You' to Kris, because he's pointed me in the right direction in the way of some software and a website, which I now pass on to you.

I've started using a wonderful password manager called Password Safe and also a great little site called Bloglines. Both are changing my life in nice little ways. I used to use 3 - 4 different passwords for the majority of the sites or programs that I needed them for. But,you know how it is, occasionally I'll need a new one to conforms to the specific protocol of whatever I'm trying to use, and really it all get's to be quite a hassle. Now I have a fancy password for every-little-thing and everything's just a bit more sweet. I've passed over password manager downloads in the past figuring I just didn't need them; wish I'd jumped on 'em a bit sooner. Now on to Bloglines. I've started another blog over there that allows me to easily post links to blog entries that I may find of interest and want to share with y'all (all 3 of y'all). There'll be links to the FEEDS I subscribe to as well. So, if you feel the need to keep up with all the A.Ho blog-action head over to BUTT MASH once in a while.

Thanks again Kris.

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