Saturday, January 15

Ice storm haze

If I had a soul, today RE4 owned it. Jesus, it is a phenominal game.

Aaron, you're really missing out, in a way. RE2 was one of the most interesting games ever and certainly one of the defining PlayStation games, along with FF7 and Metal Gear Solid. Having played a chunk of it-and actually the whole series, I can say a couple things.
1) I'm glad I've got the whole series background. You don't need it, but there are so many things that I feel were done as homage to the past that the experience is enriched for me. Not to mention the ways that I feel the drew from the past and improved upon it, to do something else.

2) There is no way to properly describe the leap between Resident Evil:Code Veronica or Resident Evil 0 (which I wasn't too thrilled with), and RE4. In part, I feel, because I don't even think they are similar games anymore.

That said, emotionally, this is what the game is like.
Remember the first time you saw Aliens? The sequel, with the Space Marines and big guns and this exhausting exhilarating feeling that ran through the entire film. Just more and more shit to deal with, rising higher and higher, and the guns kept getting bigger and bigger while the threats became uglier and darker, and you came out of there thrilled, and you were just watching.

Resident Evil 4 is you playing fucking Aliens. They perpetually give me ammo, and I never feel like I have enough. They throw hordes over overwhelming odds at me, and I am able to dispatch them with skill and vigor. I learn, I improve, and the game rewards me. It makes me jump, it freaks me out, and I keep playing it. And I kick SO much ass, but I'm also always under the gun(literally and figuratively.)
Laughing? Let's see how well you react when a dude with a burlap sack over his head and a chainsaw takes you out through a fucking wall.

It's scary b/c it puts me in a position to do what all great scary movies do: the most normal thing, given the circumstances. Either a)run and hide or b) kill everthing in sight until things made sense again. Fuck man, if things ever got that crazy, I WOULD get a goddamn gun and start blowing shit up. But this is even better, b/c it's a game, and I'm already equiped to fuck things up when they go south.

Resident Evil 4 is a must own for anyone old enough to deal with the subject matter(it's scary and has swearing) and owns a Gamecube. It is one of the most incredible fucking games I've played, and I'm not even on disc 2. It's one of those games worth buying a Gamecube for, thats how goddamn good it is.

I don't know how this will all tie into past Resident Evil games. I've got a strong guess, but I don't want to ruin anything. For myself or anyone else.

Now. Why did I just spend 13+ hours playing videogames. I'm 32 fucking years old.
There was an ice storm in PDX today, and leaving the house was risky at best, and insane at worst. So I didn't leave the house, I just stayed home.
I really, really hope the ice melts tomorrow. My legs need to be stretched out.

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