Wednesday, January 19


Man do I love Black Sabbath. (Currently listening to Looking For Today, and it's good.) I wish someone had played Sabbath for me when I was fucking 20. Or 16, even. Fuck-12. I probably would've liked Sabbath at 12.

OK-I'm bumping a little. RE4 back at top. I can play again today, since I took yesterday off to rest my right thumb.

1) Broken Butterfly: solid, but only useful in specific situations. Look at the firepower strength on that bitch!!! You'll know when you need to bust that out. Oh yes, you will.

The Riot Gun is my baby. I love it and will soon enter it into grade school. I hope it gets along with the other boys and girls. But...caution, as there are even cooler things to come. Get it, upgrade it, absolutely.

2) Don't give up all your 9mm pistols. They are hella good. I don't know what i'm running with now-I think I finally sold the Punisher for a better 9mm-but I've just about maxed that sucker out(capacity. Whatever!), and it continues to save my butt. They fire faster, reload faster, and are just more useful in low-density combat situations(3 or 4 in a hallway, say) than the Butterfly. Any more than 4, or anybody who gets close-bring out mah Baby. But it's just plain fun to shoot people in the eye with that fucker.

3) The rifle with scope is mandatory now. You need one, and I find the scope to be very helpful. Don't even question it.

4) I had to run from a chainsaw wielding dude not that long ago. It was actually kind of a treat-I went from badass to Cartman(screw you guys, I'm going home!) in .002 seconds. The chainsaw dudes STILL fuck with me. They're just creepy.

5) I meant there were two creatures: the Insecicon thingys and the Wolverine thingys.
The cage match was especially fucked up, and I do not know how I made it through that without dying. But the paranoia that kicks in because of that shit is a thrill.

6) I saw one of those metacritics complaining that this game is too long. Fuck that dude. And: Fuck that, dude.

7) Does anyone even consider the Mine Thrower? Is that not the dumbest weapon ever?


A.Ho said...

So, uhm, ok...THAT Wolverine creature. Cripes.

DM said...

Yeah. That one. And that wasn't even the cage match I was talking about. Enjoy!