Sunday, January 16


Heh. That's funny. The first thing I had planned on mentioning today was that I'd gotten taken out, head first, by a guy with a chainsaw, I hadn't the sense to realize at the time that the man(?) was wearing a burlap sack on his head. The only thing I was thinking/feeling was 'ahhh shit. holy shit!' - essentially - that's what happens when you've got a chainsaw to your neck. The job they do to make it feel quite personal is superb. To say it threw me a bit would be hyperaccurate.

I like the inventory aspect of the game. Making the wrenching decision as to whether I wanted the shotgun OR the rifle was not easy. Tuning up the the handgun and shotgun, though, seems to have been a good decision. And now I have a 9mm SMG as well. But not much room to carry much else, let alone a 9mm freebie that I haven't tested yet.

I just recently discovered the 180° move too, thank goodness, cause those sickle throwing, dynamite tossing, pitchfork wielding villagers are sneaky suckers.


DM said...

I don't want to 'spoil' anything.
But there are women weilding chainsaws as well.
They aren't who I hate the most so far. Oh no.
There are worse things. I don't know who let those nightmares out of thier head, but I want to meet them. And punch them in the face. It's some good, but man is it ever fucked up.
You want a hint?

One piece of advice: Don't get the TMP. Ever. It's shit.

The Shotgun is the best weapon in the game. You can probably do without the Rifle until the Castle, so don't sweat that until then. You should have enough room. I wasted more money than I should have investing in guns I shouldn't have, only to buy the Shotgun back.

Invest in the treasure map. It's so worth it.

I finished a sub-mission and got the Punisher handgun for free. That treats me.

There's another sub-mission I'm not so good at, and I'm not looking forward to trying to get that one right. It's fun, but not very forgiving.

The deaths are surprising treats. They almost always catch me off guard, b/c I'm usually fucking everyone up, you know?
And that's as cool as I could ask for.

A.Ho said...

Hmmm. Well I sold the Punisher, it just didn't seem to have any advantage over my already tuned up handgun. I have the shotgun and the TMP. So far I'm doing alright with those. The shotgun kicks ass for sure and I do like the TMP for a bit of distance sneakiness. Working on getting past the locked gate in the church right now. Killed that big ol 'gigante' last night. What a beast.

Predator huh? ugh.

DM said...

Maybe I hadn't tuned my handgun enough.
But I think the Punisher is one of the more powerful handguns-and you can upgrade it higher than the standard 9mm you start off with. This is the reason to buy a new shotgun at all: the new one gets stronger. But I was pleased w/my Punisher-it went through two villagers with one bullet, and that's all I needed to see.

My current policy is to go into every room with every gun fully loaded. No shit. It's saved my ass on a couple occasions, b/c I don't bother with that whole 'reloading' schitck. No no. Just bring up the next gun when things get hairy. The game pauses while you do it, so it's pretty good strategy.

I have to stop playing the game for a couple days. My thumb is sore this morning, and my elbow feels tired.
El Gigante sucks. Did you discover the "climb his back and fuck him up" move? Good move to use.

What I'm amazed at is how the game just keeps ratcheting things up. I've been at this puppy for 4 days now, and it's just relentless. Worse-they send weirder and weirder freaks at you, along with new and fucked up ways to get killed. At the moment, most hated creatures are the Insecticons vs. Wolverine. I'm torn.

A.Ho said...

Cripes! Ok, InsectoWolvie. One Down. I'm in the Castle and now my gun options have expanded quite a bit. I'm thinking Riot Gun and/or Broken Butterfly and/or Semi-Auto Rifle. Dunno.