Friday, September 24

Gone, baby, gone

.: It's been a very intense week. My sister turned 30. Two of my good friends have left town. I'm looking for a new roommate with my other sister/roommate.
I'm stressed. I want to get laid. I'd like to get a good drunk on. I miss my friends. I wish my ex wasn't pissed at me. On and on. It's not a good or bad life, it's just a life, and I can tell I'm being called to take a larger part in it, but I'm having trouble finding the heart to do so right now.

I'm kind of addicted to clicking the 'next blog' button at the upper right hand corner now. I've stumbled across foreign language blogs(spanish and french and some scandinavian script I couldn't figure out for the life of me), poets, programmers and politically aware folk.

It's almost as cool as, since you don't know what kind of randomness you're going to get. Seems like the next blog is just chosen at computer whim, so you may even end up where you started. Metaspy is a little...stranger. You can predict some of what people are searching for(porn) and sometimes even more specific things(MILFporn) but occasionally you get things like 'Sunnydale school quality', or
"festival of trees 2004 season of light".

Visited Aaron last weekend along with celebrating my sister's birthday. Got a ton of music off him. Sufjan Stevens and The Black Keys are awesome. Pinback, Sun Kil Moon, are worth investigating. Superchunk just floats off me-as does The Exploding Hearts. Not good nor bad.
My Morning Jacket-just makes me tired. Alt-country ususally does that to me, tho. Glenn Branca just irritates me.
But then there's the Blue Comets. This is the band Pitchfork is hyping as being great?
You've gotta be fuckin' me. They're fucking boring 'rock'(think Stooges/MC5 era) shit that isn't really being done well by anyone right now that I can think of-and the Comets do NOT have the attitude to make it work, and the songs are, say it with me now, dull as flyshit. I can just see them getting on stage, and shouting at the crowd "Are you ready to ROCK?!" about 20 times through 4 songs before actually fucking ROCKING. And I'm sorry, but I want to treat bands that do that like Iraqi prisoners.
Oh well. Different strokes and all that.
The TV On The Radio EP ruled, though.

Everybody should think about registering at

Thursday, September 9

My timing sucks

.: Once again, I find myself way behind the curve-or very very far ahead. It's been 14 years since I worked at McDonalds.
Now Playboy wants to do a spread of hotties who work there.

There's something obvious and tragic about this. I just can't put my finger on it.

But it's also kinda cool. Or-I'm really lame.