Monday, August 30

Gone fishing.

.: So hey, I've been on a cyberspace hiatus. This is a quick hello. Borrowing a friends internet connection. What's been up you ask? Well only major life decisions. Turns out I am moving. Quite suddenly the opportunity came up at just the time I though I should change some scenerey and I am moving down to Portland, PDX, PTown... By next month this time I'll be living with DM, Nad, Dan himself blogging from the same internet connection, ranting and goading and churning your chum. See you then.

Thursday, August 26

See what happens?

.: We get all disconnected, and/or start doing other shit, and suddenly, there's no posts.
What have you all been doing with your lives without the ability to check in and see our innermost thoughts?

Me; I'm gonna go get a beer and write until things start to make sense again. Life has, once again, shuffled a new hand up for me.

Oh, and I have a mohawk. Not for much longer, but still, I have one.

Wednesday, August 11

What a night

.: I'm glad it's over. I don't even want to be home. I want to be somewhere anonymous. I want a fucking reset.

Wednesday, August 4

Jesus is fucking metal

.:I always kinda figured he was cooler than those religious freaks made him out to be.