Monday, July 5


.: ...I use Mozilla Firefox! I tried Mozilla a bit over a year ago and had Java issues. I'm trying it again, and everything seems to be working fine. "Bye, bye IE."

.: ...God is laughing at me. Which is fine, because of all the qualities God surely has 'funny' must be in the Top 3.

.: ...I cook dinner.

.: ...I'm listening to The Cars.

.: ...I want a new bicycle. Go Lance.

.: ...I like Icehouse beer. Yes, it's true. Considering it's price and the fact that I tried it from a can, it is quite tasty. Maybe it's me.

.: bathroom is clean.

.: ...I want to read "Life of Pi" by Yan Martell

.: ...I think that Cosmo is part Penthouse Forum for women. There's at least elements.

.: ...I know Icehouse is brewed by Plank Road Brewery. Plank Road Brewery is owned by Miller. I still like it.

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