Friday, June 4

".: So why do we have the word 'daylight'..."

.: So why do we have the word 'daylight' but not the word 'nightdark'? Just popped into my brain as I tried to think of a title for this post. Why? KoTOR. Ever play one of those missions in a game that you think is going to just be fun and quick but turns out to be fun, then fun and long, and then long? Of course you keep playing because it's fun and you think it's going to be done anytime now, not that you're really thinking about the time, mind you. Yeah. That happened to me last night. I'd already been playing quite awhile, finished up a level and was actually going to stop when out of nowhere comes this level that is just too cool to turn off. So I keep playing. Then the sun starts to come up, and then the sun is up and then it's 6:45AM! and I'm going to bed.

I've decided that this entire post is the title of this post.

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