Monday, June 14

lots and lots and lots.

.:I can't speak to Aaron's dislike of Transatlanticism. I figure I'm in a place where I'm going to like songs that are about longing in some manner(and that album is nothing without unfulfilled desire) and DCFC's record is hitting me at the right time.
The title track really caught me, and so I listened to the rest. Or kept listening to it over again. Who'd'a thought I was a pop music flunky. I try to add harmonies to Slipknot, so you can just take my opinions for what they're worth.

School of Rock-should be watched by anyone wanting to start a band. It's fun for everyone else though, unless you hate Jack Black. I don't, so yay me.
X-Men 2. Good friggin stuff. Want to see it again, just haven't made the time.

I'd rather attempt to recessitate my own heart than ever see A Mighty Wind. It just looks cripplingly boring-and worse, unfunny. I didn't care for Best In Show, though. Whale Rider is really good. 21 Grams is also well done, but they use a gimmick for reasons I cannot understand, and it takes away from the movie. I haven't seen Intolerable Cruelty, and that's in part b/c Fuz hasn't been around-he's my Cohen Bros. movie buddy.

Alaska. My trip was uneventful, and I'll probably talk about it on my web site, since if I don't, all I have are bits and pieces of me screaming.

Saw The Chronicles Of Riddick. I like Vin Disel. I think this movie was trying to do way too much though-someone let me edit that fucker before you see it, and you're set.
That said; I'd see it again, if there was beer involved. It's entertaining enough, and what-you wanna see fucking Catwoman?

I should be doing work, but instead...

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Kris said...

I love Transatlanticism, and I found A Mighty Wind to be much more boring than Best in Show (which I also love). On a related note, I also love girls and beer. And my mom. I'm a regular old biaaatch, really.

I'm indifferent to Alaska.

This isn't my blog, is it? I'll leave now.