Sunday, June 13

It's been a productive weekend. A weekend made for moping.

.: I'm not living up to my potential. Oh well, who says I have to. But maybe I am living up to my destiny. IF everything is predetermined, IF God has a plan, well then, maybe I'm playing right along. And if so, who am I to fuck with it.

.: Stayed up too late playing Rainbow Six 3 on XBox LIVE. Team Survival was the game, played through numerous maps with a decent crew. I figured out that it's best to play on a dedicated server, a box that's just hosting w/o it's owner playing. The maps change predictively, no getting kicked off for unknown reasons, and time between rounds to change up your gear if you need to, no rushing into the next round, but no lingering waiting for some guy to decide what he wants to play with. In short, it's all preset. It was fun, some of the most fun I've had on LIVE since I've been using it, only three months. I do plan on upgrading to a faster connection. I have a 256k DSL line that averages about 192k up/down. It's merely adequate for LIVE and is starting to feel that way for general web use.

.: I'm going to start taking a day every week or so to try and give a good listen to albums that I don't particularly like, by artists that I'm not particularly fond of, that my friends and/or the general underground listening public seem to dig on. The reasons for doing this:
-So I don't listen to something once --or less-- or twice before deciding that it's not worth my time.
-If I still don't like it, then why?

Today's special: Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism.

I listened to tracks from this before and I really hated it. The thing is, I know a lot of people who love Death Cab. My friend Ben feels The Photo Album is genius. It was my first Death Cab exposure and the only thing I could think of the first few times I heard it was The Lightning Seeds. It still sounds similar to me, but after awhile I started to dig on it. I'd even say I like it now. Do I hold it in highest regard, like Ben? No. So when I was initially turned off by the songs I heard from Transatlanticism I pretty much decided that that was that. Then Dan, of all people, tells me he likes it. My world was falling apart.

When I heard 'Title And Registration' I writhed, and then 'The Sound Of Settling' with it's "bah bah, bah bah", please spare me. Giving it most of an entire listen today on my walk I determined something. Generally I either hate the lyrics, and dig the music or vice a versa. Some of the songs just come off as way too sappy for me I guess, but there is something there that merits further listening. Now, if I can figure out what and/or why everyone loves The Postal Service that'll be something to write about. I like it some, but don't understand the hype. It's like a puzzle, this music thing.

Next week, Dashboard Confessional? Right, not gonna happen. Maybe Sunny Day Real Estate, the band everyone loves. It baffles me.

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Kris said...

Well, to each their own. It seems you either hate or love Ben Gibbard, in all his incarnations. I do enjoy his sense of melody--but I'm a sucker for sugar, so there you go. What really sealed The Postal Service for me, though, was Dntel's productions.

As for DC: don't like 'em.

It's only recently that I actually began to like SDRE, but even now I can only handle them in small doses. There's something about emo that makes me sick after about 45 minutes.