Wednesday, June 2

I been readin'

.: I saw that letter in the Spokesman Review. Bah. The Shrub has presided over what?
The economy is vibrant and strong where and to who? In Oregon, we can't pay for full years of schooling for our younglings, so I ask; who's benefiting under GWBJr?
Those million new jobs? What kind of jobs were they? In what industry? Because a million new jobs at McDonalds level does not boost the overall well being of this country. If for no other reason that they have no health care, so again: who's benefiting under this?
Those members of the administration have presided over the greatest debt in history, created in under 3 years, and some of the biggest human and civil rights violations this country has committed in the last 50 years. Start with Camp X-ray, holding people without trial, and just move on up to the Iraqi prison scandal.
To cap it all off, where does he say people should go for their research?
Because The Shrub would NEVER lie to further his own gain, right?
So fuck that. And fuck anyone who just believes in this president without actually doing that research. I can fucking prove those abuses. I bet with just a little effort, I can find out that those jobs are not jobs that would elevate a person above poverty level. To call me a dumb liberal is to open up the biggest can of whup-fuckyousilly-ass I can possibly find, and while I drink it and crush it closed on your head, you can suck it.

Sorry. The current administration is liars and thieves and murderers, and while I don't expect greatness from my leaders anymore, I'd still like someone who actually considers the needs of the many before the needs of the few.(or the one, Kahn echo)
Mr. A Ho is, of course, being far more subtle, and I applaud him, but I don't got time to bleed, as they say.

Xbox will carve it's niche of Live material out, and it will stay in the console game just becuase of that. Tycho at Penny-Arcade said that you can't fuck with their Live service, and from what I've seen, that's true.
But 1) I don't think online gaming is ready for prime time yet. I don't know that it ever will be except to the hardcore. Hell, the internet isn't even for everyone, and that's far more accessable. Plus; you cannot take away from the fucktards in online gaming. There are too many of them, and too few of you.
2) Common sense moves help you. We like being able to play our old games; Sony was a genius for putting backwards compatability into their system, Nintendo foolish for not doing this. If nothing else, you've got all those old games you can re-market, as SquareEnix did with Chrono Triggger and the Final Fantasies. People bought that shit. Hell, I did.
If you can't follow up on the smart moves of your competitors, then what the hell are you doing in business?
3) The library of games really does matter. Nintendo is getting away with it, so far, by having titles of exceptionally good shit that plays into the nostalga factor. But there aren't enough of them. So what are they doing? Expanding what was possible by allowing games like Resident Evil 4 to exist on this system.(Mmmm..RE4. Fucking love that series.)
But I think the Xbox is suffering in part because the range of titles you can play is minimal. I don't see a whole lot of RPG's for example, or much unique content that really must be played, as well as a poor relationship with the mecca of all console gaming; Japan. It does have the best graphics, and some fantastic titles-but not enough of them, and, from what I'm hearing about the Xbox2, Microsoft isn't listening to the consumer base. Too bad, because I really do believe that competition is a good thing, and I don't want to live in a world where my choices are the PS2 and nothing else.
Of course, I don't want to live in a world where my computer operating systems are Microsoft and...
Yeah, I use a Mac, but it's not like Apple has become a serious competitor. They're working on it, but you get my point. The problems that plauge Windows operating systems exist because they can. Sony will fall into that trap if they're allowed to.

Madeleine is a cutie.

I'm going to Alaska in a week. Should be interesting.
Irony moment: saw this at gamespot today. Aaron; we're playing this when I come visiting, yah?

Work calls. I rant no further today, here.


A.Ho said...

Knights of The Old Republic may only be one RPG but it sure as hell rocks. I started playing it again yesterday, after numerous months off. 12+ hours. That's why I quit playing it for all that time, who has that sort of time to sit and play RPGs all day. It's probably just me, I love it so much and the last thing I want to do is quit playing. Food? Work? BAH! I just need to wield a lightsaber and life will go on. I fell asleep at 4am playing that game, it's 10am and I want to sit my ass down and play some more. Must shower, eat, go for walk...hard to resist though.

A.Ho said...
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A.Ho said...

Oh...KoTOR 2 is in the works and Republic Commando is on its way. Tasty.