Monday, June 7

He's dead

.: Reagan died last Sun.
I respect the man as a politician.
That's where it ends. I don't even know that I respect him as a man. So much evil was done under his watch. Not to mention scaring the hell out of me as a little boy-nuclear war seemed far more likely than it does now.

But Alzeheimer's is a shitty way to die, regardless,(my grandpa had it) so I'll hold my tongue. Go ahead, click the link and see the discussion. You can judge for yourselves.


Kris said...

The funeral is over. Fuck 'em.

Kris said...

Ok, that was harsh, but a lot of people have needlessly suffered as a result of his policies. So I stand by my adolescent insult.

A.Ho said...

Reagan is the first President I remember being elected into office and serving. I remember Carter and Ford before him but my recollection of any of that is purely visual bits on television. I remember disbelief at Reagan being shot and hating Iran-Contra for ruining TV. I have a fondness in my heart for the Eighties. I don't know how much of that had to do with Reagan but he was a part of the environment and I feel his service is worth remembering.