Tuesday, June 22

the dream's the thing

.: Seems like we both been having odd dreams. I had one that the girl was seeing someone else-the morning before she told me she was.

Yesterday, in a nap, I had one where I gave her a hug and forgave her. And I totally meant it. But I was also sneaking a peak down her back to see what color underwear she was wearing(blue, I think). Woke up feeling ok. How about that?

Let's hear it for love, eh?

Dude. Austin is the jewel in the shit that is Texas. Don't do it. Save some $ and just travel down there for SXSW sometime. You'll have all of the fun and none of the taint that is Texas.

Getting a motorcycle, now that's cool. Dad bought one. Digs on it, especially in San Fran.

There's something else, but I'm forgetting, probably on purpose so I can get some work done. But I'm taking Friday off. Thurs=good times.

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