Thursday, June 24


This tiny, miniscule dot on the web is a forum for the expression of thoughts, inanity, concerns, tribulations, love, humor, opinion and utter randomness. If you don't like what you find, don't get upset. If you decide to be upset anyhow please let us know so we can discuss it here.


Anonymous said...

just a random question: r u really "da poop"?

DM said...

He is-I'm merely 'da schnizzle'.

And he's right too. Whatever we want to put up here is there for discussion, but if we're hurt or angry or trying vainly to be funny, we can do that-short of slander.

So fuck it.

A.Ho said...

I consider the content of this blog to be 'Da Poop'. As in, 'Here's da poop'.