Wednesday, June 30


.: The new Spider-Man movie will make, bare minimum, a juhzillion dollars. And I don't know the numbers that constitutes big movie budgets, but Spider-Man 3's will be gi-normous.

Tuesday, June 29

The Truth

.: "For if this nation is to remain true to the ideals symbolized by its flag, it must not wield the tools of tyrants even to resist an assault by the forces of tyranny."- Justice John Paul Stevens

Found the article that's linked above today.

I just gotta wonder; how fast will the Bush Administration find the person who wrote this book? Before or after they find out who leaked Valerie Plume's info?

Monday, June 28

via Dead Parrot Society -- X-Men 2.5

Would the real Professor X please step forward. We have mutantkind

Sunday, June 27


.: I'm going to buy beer now.

Here's an "artsy" photoshopped image of the madness. I didn't have presence of mind to take a picture when it was absolutely crazed so this is a photo after it slowed down.

One more notch.

Well, today marks the end of my 5th Hoopfest work-weekend as a barista. It's the busiest weekend of the year for us, and I imagine any downtown food/beverage vendor. It's completely bonkers. The 1st link shows you the numbers and this one is a map in PDF if you're so inclined.

Thursday, June 24


This tiny, miniscule dot on the web is a forum for the expression of thoughts, inanity, concerns, tribulations, love, humor, opinion and utter randomness. If you don't like what you find, don't get upset. If you decide to be upset anyhow please let us know so we can discuss it here.

Wednesday, June 23


.: Among the books I've been picking my way through over the last few months is 'Run to the Mountain ~ The Journals of Thomas Merton Volume One 1939-1941'. The last few pages I've covered have been in regards to war, particularly WWII. Thought I'd share some passages I think are important.

May 26, 1940 (p. 221)

The cause of England in this war can be said to be just only in-so-far as it is somewhat less unjust than that of the Nazis, who quite clearly wanted the war, and started it, and England has a natural right to defend herself. She has been atacked, yes, and she is defending herself it is true. Whether what she is defending is, in any other than a very superficial sense, just, is quite another matter.

And if we go into the war, it will be first of all to defend our investments, our business, our money. In certain terms it may be useful to defend all these things, an expedient to protect our business so that everybody may have jobs, but if anybody holds up American business as a shining example of justice, or American politics as a shining example of honesty and purity, that is really quite a joke!

And if this is a joke, it is also a bit blasphemous to get up and say that just because Germany started the actual fighting, ultimately Germany is to blame for everything, and God is on the side of England and the democracies and all enemies of Germany. That would make God the defender of more kinds of dishonesty and trickery and avarice and bribery and hypocrisy than a person with a tender conscience can bear to think

June 16, 1940. Olean, New York (p 231)

...It is possible to imagine a man coming silently out of these woods into the open grass space before me and aiming a gun and shooting me dead in this chair, and going away again.

Even though there is sunlight, the woods might well fill, all at once, with the clack and roar of tanks. The airplane that went by an hour ago might have been filled with bombs, but it just wasn't. There is nothing too fantastic to believe any more, because everything is fantastic. There is no fighting here now, but there could very well be plenty tomorrow.

The valley is full of oil storage tanks, and oil is for feeding bombers, and once they are fed they have to bomb something, and they generally pick on oil tanks.

Wherever you have oil tanks, or factories, or railroads or any of the comforts of home and manifestations of progress, in this century, you are sure to get bombers, sooner or later.

Therefore, if I don't pretend, like other people, to understand the war, I do know this much: that the knowledge of what is going on only makes it seem desperately important to be voluntarily poor, to get rid of all possessions this instant. I am scared, sometimes, to own anything, even a name, let alone a coin, or shares in the oil, the munitions, the airplane factories. I am scared to take a proprietary interest in anything, for fear that my love of what I own may be killing somebody somewhere.

Even then, though, property is not the only thing wars are waged for...

June 25, 1940. St. Bonaventure, New York (p.233)

If we are ever going to have peace again, we will have to hate war for some better reason than that we fear to lose our houses, or our refrigerators, or our cars, or our legs, or our lives. If we are ever to get peace, we have got to desire something more than reefers and anaesthetics: but that is all we seem to want: anything to avoid pain.

It is terrifying that the world doesn't wake up to this irony: that at a time when all our desire is nothing but to have pleasant sensations and avoid painful sensations there should be almost more pain, and suffering and brutality and horror, and more helplessness to do anything about it than there ever was before!

The last passage was written 64 years ago, almost to the day. How do you think we're doing?

Tuesday, June 22


Thanks to John Scalzi I now feel a little organized and less ashamed. Watch.

the dream's the thing

.: Seems like we both been having odd dreams. I had one that the girl was seeing someone else-the morning before she told me she was.

Yesterday, in a nap, I had one where I gave her a hug and forgave her. And I totally meant it. But I was also sneaking a peak down her back to see what color underwear she was wearing(blue, I think). Woke up feeling ok. How about that?

Let's hear it for love, eh?

Dude. Austin is the jewel in the shit that is Texas. Don't do it. Save some $ and just travel down there for SXSW sometime. You'll have all of the fun and none of the taint that is Texas.

Getting a motorcycle, now that's cool. Dad bought one. Digs on it, especially in San Fran.

There's something else, but I'm forgetting, probably on purpose so I can get some work done. But I'm taking Friday off. Thurs=good times.

Do they need baristas in Texas?

This cinches it. I'm buying a Harley and moving to Austin. Who's with me?

Wilco: A Ghost Is Born: Pitchfork Review

Pitchfork has it's say on the new Wilco. Rob Mitchum isn't impressed. Whether I'll agree or not, it's a well executed review.

Sleep Cycles

Yeah, so, umm, I dreamt about these this morning. Kind of out of nowhere, but certainly intriguing.


Monday, June 21

1st Wilco review.

Well, here's the first review I've seen of the new Wilco album. It's been streaming on their website for sometime now but I have been avoiding it. It's just not the same as buying that brand new CD, slicing into that sucker and giving it that first listen. I look forward to it. The review is good. 5 of 5. Not that it really matters much to me. I find it unlikely that I'd be disappointed. Nonetheless, it's good to see.

FYI: Butter

It may interest you to know that I love butter. If you know me you may already know this. Another way to say it would be to state that I like extra, extra butter. Thus the relevance of this fancy device.

The Arcade Flyer Archive

This is pretty sweet.

Brings Real Arcade Play Home


Thursday, June 17

Today has been filled with the funny

.: I NEED the shirt that says: My Killer Robot Skull-Fucked Your Honor Student.
I'm not shitting about this. I must wear it in public and be worshiped.
Love me, all of you.
And when you make the statues, pad the groin. PAD IT!!


.: Dude, I just saw the pic you posted in your profile.
That's fucking sweet. Maybe I'll try and do some similar so we can be profiled by the FBI.

Wednesday, June 16

GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Saw this on The Charlie Rose show tonight. I'll take 2.


Tuesday, June 15

.:"I don't know if it's cowardly to tell you by email, but I wanted to let you know that I'm seeing someone. " she says.

And I knew this already, somehow. She was/is too cool/pretty to be left single for long, and quite frankly, hasn't been single since she was 18. So.

I really want to go home and never speak of this again. I really really want to go fucking home and just tell the world where it can go.

I knew this was going to happen, and now it has. Yay. Nothing to see here, please move along, let me just hurt again, ok?

Monday, June 14

lots and lots and lots.

.:I can't speak to Aaron's dislike of Transatlanticism. I figure I'm in a place where I'm going to like songs that are about longing in some manner(and that album is nothing without unfulfilled desire) and DCFC's record is hitting me at the right time.
The title track really caught me, and so I listened to the rest. Or kept listening to it over again. Who'd'a thought I was a pop music flunky. I try to add harmonies to Slipknot, so you can just take my opinions for what they're worth.

School of Rock-should be watched by anyone wanting to start a band. It's fun for everyone else though, unless you hate Jack Black. I don't, so yay me.
X-Men 2. Good friggin stuff. Want to see it again, just haven't made the time.

I'd rather attempt to recessitate my own heart than ever see A Mighty Wind. It just looks cripplingly boring-and worse, unfunny. I didn't care for Best In Show, though. Whale Rider is really good. 21 Grams is also well done, but they use a gimmick for reasons I cannot understand, and it takes away from the movie. I haven't seen Intolerable Cruelty, and that's in part b/c Fuz hasn't been around-he's my Cohen Bros. movie buddy.

Alaska. My trip was uneventful, and I'll probably talk about it on my web site, since if I don't, all I have are bits and pieces of me screaming.

Saw The Chronicles Of Riddick. I like Vin Disel. I think this movie was trying to do way too much though-someone let me edit that fucker before you see it, and you're set.
That said; I'd see it again, if there was beer involved. It's entertaining enough, and what-you wanna see fucking Catwoman?

I should be doing work, but instead...

Sunday, June 13


.: Something about doing the < blockquote > list thingy affects all the line spacing afterwards.

Uncommon Occurrence

.: I like movies but I don't go to them very often and I don't rent them. Mostly because I prefer to spend my money on music or videogames. I don't have use for a Netflix account because I wouldn't watch that many, it's just as economic to buy a couple used DVDs now and then. I dropped by Blockbuster today on my walk and picked some up. I don't really like Blockbuster, but they're close by and I won't be paying any late fees on these:
- 28 Days Later
- Runaway Jury

I've heard all over the place that '28 Days Later' is good. I never heard anything about 'Runaway Jury' but it has Hackman, Hoffman, and J.Cusack so it should be good, I'm not expecting genius from it. Besides, the preview was intriguing and you know that's a good indicator.

There's some other stuff up there that I may need to check back on in a couple of weeks. But first I'll do some research at The Flick Filosopher.

Stuff I'm thinking about picking up:
- Intolerable Cruelty
- A Mighty Wind
- School of Rock
- X-Men II
- 21 Grams
- Whale Rider


It's been a productive weekend. A weekend made for moping.

.: I'm not living up to my potential. Oh well, who says I have to. But maybe I am living up to my destiny. IF everything is predetermined, IF God has a plan, well then, maybe I'm playing right along. And if so, who am I to fuck with it.

.: Stayed up too late playing Rainbow Six 3 on XBox LIVE. Team Survival was the game, played through numerous maps with a decent crew. I figured out that it's best to play on a dedicated server, a box that's just hosting w/o it's owner playing. The maps change predictively, no getting kicked off for unknown reasons, and time between rounds to change up your gear if you need to, no rushing into the next round, but no lingering waiting for some guy to decide what he wants to play with. In short, it's all preset. It was fun, some of the most fun I've had on LIVE since I've been using it, only three months. I do plan on upgrading to a faster connection. I have a 256k DSL line that averages about 192k up/down. It's merely adequate for LIVE and is starting to feel that way for general web use.

.: I'm going to start taking a day every week or so to try and give a good listen to albums that I don't particularly like, by artists that I'm not particularly fond of, that my friends and/or the general underground listening public seem to dig on. The reasons for doing this:
-So I don't listen to something once --or less-- or twice before deciding that it's not worth my time.
-If I still don't like it, then why?

Today's special: Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism.

I listened to tracks from this before and I really hated it. The thing is, I know a lot of people who love Death Cab. My friend Ben feels The Photo Album is genius. It was my first Death Cab exposure and the only thing I could think of the first few times I heard it was The Lightning Seeds. It still sounds similar to me, but after awhile I started to dig on it. I'd even say I like it now. Do I hold it in highest regard, like Ben? No. So when I was initially turned off by the songs I heard from Transatlanticism I pretty much decided that that was that. Then Dan, of all people, tells me he likes it. My world was falling apart.

When I heard 'Title And Registration' I writhed, and then 'The Sound Of Settling' with it's "bah bah, bah bah", please spare me. Giving it most of an entire listen today on my walk I determined something. Generally I either hate the lyrics, and dig the music or vice a versa. Some of the songs just come off as way too sappy for me I guess, but there is something there that merits further listening. Now, if I can figure out what and/or why everyone loves The Postal Service that'll be something to write about. I like it some, but don't understand the hype. It's like a puzzle, this music thing.

Next week, Dashboard Confessional? Right, not gonna happen. Maybe Sunny Day Real Estate, the band everyone loves. It baffles me.

Saturday, June 12

Glory Days

I was eleven when the A-Team came into my childhood and made everything wonderful. Here's some pics. I look forward to watching the DVDs that I will be buying. I may even shell out for the Dukes of Hazard while I'm at it. And you may as well know that I plan to get the whole Battlestar Galactica set too, someday.

Thanks go out to The A-Team Shrine

Tech Support

Xbox Solution Forums - Customer Service

Wednesday, June 9


.: It should come as no surprise that the new Sonic Youth is very good. Three tracks stand out right now:
1. Pattern Recognition, 2. Unmade Bed, and 5. Stones
I really, really like Unmade Bed but then I found myself particularly astonished by Stones, good stuff. What else did I listen to this evening:
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans and Ghost - Hypnotic Underworld
Listening to Sufjan is always cool and I'm finally beginning to dig the psych-folk-rock grooves of Ghost. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't found the appropriate time or mood to allow it a reasonable listen.

.: Update - Sonic Youth on their Leno appearance played Unmade Bed.

Good to know.

Guess I can go ahead and plan that picnic.

Weather Forecast Warm for the Next 15,000 Years

Tuesday, June 8

For music fans.

Well, I've never heard of Robert Quine but it sounds like I should hear him.

Monday, June 7


Tomorrow it is mine. And they're on Leno Wednesday night.

He's dead

.: Reagan died last Sun.
I respect the man as a politician.
That's where it ends. I don't even know that I respect him as a man. So much evil was done under his watch. Not to mention scaring the hell out of me as a little boy-nuclear war seemed far more likely than it does now.

But Alzeheimer's is a shitty way to die, regardless,(my grandpa had it) so I'll hold my tongue. Go ahead, click the link and see the discussion. You can judge for yourselves.

Saturday, June 5

Complete with swimming iCons

iMac Aquarium

via Advice Goddess Blog

Quote I liked -

"You know, back in 2000, a Republican friend of mine warned me that if I voted for Al Gore and he won, the stock market would tank, we'd lose millions of jobs, and our military would be totally overstretched. You know what? I did vote for Al Gore, he did win, and I'll be damned if all those things didn't come true."


Is it true? - Gates holds a first-look contract for *all* Apple technologies. If they come up with something, he gets the first peek at it. He has an 8-or-9 figure investment in Apple stock. Through his support for the MS Office suite on OSX, he decides whether Apple lives or dies. Whimsically.

Bill's planet: Surrender, Dorothy.

Posted by Crid at June 3, 2004 02:47 PM

Friday, June 4

".: So why do we have the word 'daylight'..."

.: So why do we have the word 'daylight' but not the word 'nightdark'? Just popped into my brain as I tried to think of a title for this post. Why? KoTOR. Ever play one of those missions in a game that you think is going to just be fun and quick but turns out to be fun, then fun and long, and then long? Of course you keep playing because it's fun and you think it's going to be done anytime now, not that you're really thinking about the time, mind you. Yeah. That happened to me last night. I'd already been playing quite awhile, finished up a level and was actually going to stop when out of nowhere comes this level that is just too cool to turn off. So I keep playing. Then the sun starts to come up, and then the sun is up and then it's 6:45AM! and I'm going to bed.

I've decided that this entire post is the title of this post.

Thursday, June 3

Wednesday, June 2

Oh Daisy!

Welcome to Hazard County

KoTOR II: The Sith Lords

It's not being made by Bioware but sounds pretty good nonetheless. Nine months they're saying.

I tell ya, it's a good game.

...and then there's this.
BioWare: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Awards

British Game Winners

Feb 25, 2004 -- Old News but relevant since I played KoTOR all eff'n day yesterday. Plus it's given me some ideas for what to keep my eye out for used - Call of Duty.

I been readin'

.: I saw that letter in the Spokesman Review. Bah. The Shrub has presided over what?
The economy is vibrant and strong where and to who? In Oregon, we can't pay for full years of schooling for our younglings, so I ask; who's benefiting under GWBJr?
Those million new jobs? What kind of jobs were they? In what industry? Because a million new jobs at McDonalds level does not boost the overall well being of this country. If for no other reason that they have no health care, so again: who's benefiting under this?
Those members of the administration have presided over the greatest debt in history, created in under 3 years, and some of the biggest human and civil rights violations this country has committed in the last 50 years. Start with Camp X-ray, holding people without trial, and just move on up to the Iraqi prison scandal.
To cap it all off, where does he say people should go for their research?
Because The Shrub would NEVER lie to further his own gain, right?
So fuck that. And fuck anyone who just believes in this president without actually doing that research. I can fucking prove those abuses. I bet with just a little effort, I can find out that those jobs are not jobs that would elevate a person above poverty level. To call me a dumb liberal is to open up the biggest can of whup-fuckyousilly-ass I can possibly find, and while I drink it and crush it closed on your head, you can suck it.

Sorry. The current administration is liars and thieves and murderers, and while I don't expect greatness from my leaders anymore, I'd still like someone who actually considers the needs of the many before the needs of the few.(or the one, Kahn echo)
Mr. A Ho is, of course, being far more subtle, and I applaud him, but I don't got time to bleed, as they say.

Xbox will carve it's niche of Live material out, and it will stay in the console game just becuase of that. Tycho at Penny-Arcade said that you can't fuck with their Live service, and from what I've seen, that's true.
But 1) I don't think online gaming is ready for prime time yet. I don't know that it ever will be except to the hardcore. Hell, the internet isn't even for everyone, and that's far more accessable. Plus; you cannot take away from the fucktards in online gaming. There are too many of them, and too few of you.
2) Common sense moves help you. We like being able to play our old games; Sony was a genius for putting backwards compatability into their system, Nintendo foolish for not doing this. If nothing else, you've got all those old games you can re-market, as SquareEnix did with Chrono Triggger and the Final Fantasies. People bought that shit. Hell, I did.
If you can't follow up on the smart moves of your competitors, then what the hell are you doing in business?
3) The library of games really does matter. Nintendo is getting away with it, so far, by having titles of exceptionally good shit that plays into the nostalga factor. But there aren't enough of them. So what are they doing? Expanding what was possible by allowing games like Resident Evil 4 to exist on this system.(Mmmm..RE4. Fucking love that series.)
But I think the Xbox is suffering in part because the range of titles you can play is minimal. I don't see a whole lot of RPG's for example, or much unique content that really must be played, as well as a poor relationship with the mecca of all console gaming; Japan. It does have the best graphics, and some fantastic titles-but not enough of them, and, from what I'm hearing about the Xbox2, Microsoft isn't listening to the consumer base. Too bad, because I really do believe that competition is a good thing, and I don't want to live in a world where my choices are the PS2 and nothing else.
Of course, I don't want to live in a world where my computer operating systems are Microsoft and...
Yeah, I use a Mac, but it's not like Apple has become a serious competitor. They're working on it, but you get my point. The problems that plauge Windows operating systems exist because they can. Sony will fall into that trap if they're allowed to.

Madeleine is a cutie.

I'm going to Alaska in a week. Should be interesting.
Irony moment: saw this at gamespot today. Aaron; we're playing this when I come visiting, yah?

Work calls. I rant no further today, here.

Tuesday, June 1

A.Ho's Photos -- get em' while they're hot --

I started a separate page as a photoblog, some people got emails about it. I primed it with older photos taken over the last couple of years. I need to get the battery cover of my camera fixed so it's not such a pain to use, then I can start collecting newer photos. Not that there will be many, I'm not much for snapping pictures, but once in awhile I'll put something new up. Link can be found on the sidebar.

Future of Consoles

Dan-O linked me to this. Interesting. Microsoft has their work cut out for them, for sure. If the XBox 2 isn't backwards compatible I think the rides over, which I think stinks. Halo 2 is going to carry the box pretty far and LIVE has a million subscribers so it's not like they don't have something going, the question is how much more do they need. I guess the answer is content. I don't have a problem with their amount of content, for me there will always be too many games to play, there's just not enough time and it's not my top priority.