Friday, May 28

This is not my itinerary.

There is a bit of fun happening this weekend that I will not be part of. The Sasquatch festival is tomorrow at The Gorge. It will be a day filled with music, music that I am partial to.

I’ve never been to The Gorge. I’m not a fan of crowds. Move that crowd to a big field, far from my house, with porta-potties, expensive water and potentially hot-hot sun and I like it even less. I get anxious so I choose to avoid these events. Nonetheless, if I were more comfortable in such surroundings I would love to be there. The Gorge sits on the bank of the Columbia River Gorge and is said to be one of the most beautiful outdoor amphitheaters around.

Most of the bands that I would choose to see will be playing the mainstage. Here they are as a matter of priority: Sleater-Kinney, Built To Spill, The New Pornographers, The Shins, Cat Power and The Postal Service. Those last two could be swapped. There are a couple of bands on the secondary stage that I wouldn’t mind seeing too. The Black Keys are good and they play during the set of The Postal Service. It’s quite possile I’d choose their set. The Long Winters are fully pop-competent, but they play during The New Pornographers and on into Sleater-Kinney. The Decemberists are who I'd really like to see from the second stage. They'll be playing during Built To Spill and The Shins. I’ve seen Built To Spill, they were good but it probably could’ve been a better show. Seeing them again would be great given the possibility that they could pull off a mind-blower. I heard that The Shins weren’t so shit-hot live in Portland recently so I could duck and catch The Decemberists then.

Lollapalooza is coming to Auburn. Broken Social Scene and Sonic Youth will be there. I’ll give a hypothetical itinerary for that festival when the time comes.

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