Thursday, May 27

Shrek 2

.: The Cousin and I went and saw Shrek 2 this afternoon. I haven't seen a movie in the theater since, I think, Kill Bill v.1. I go through phases. This morning on my walk for coffee and breakfast I quite abruptly decided that I needed to see a movie. I've been too stressed out and busy for my liking and the things I normally do to relax just haven't been cutting it. In fact I'd say they've been adding to the grind. Laughs we're needed.

I didn't see Shrek in the theater. After all the hype I figured that it couldn't be that good and my friend Ben confirmed this. So I was quite surprised, when it got around to being in front of my face on video, to find it quite entertaining.

Of course I was subjected to the requisite trailers as well. The only one that stood out I can't remember the name of. It's from Pixar and has superheros. They're called 'The Incredibles' I think. It looks good. I will be there.


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