Thursday, May 20

geek riots

.: So I went to see Fear Factory last night. Alone. I think there were at least 9 metal girls there I wanted to have sex with. I'm probably understating, but for our purposes, we'll say 9. Of those 9 metal girls, I'll let you guess how many had boyfriends.

Still-aside from sexual frustration-it was a good show. The band didn't really kick in until the 4th song, but when that song is Zero Signal, one of the best goddamn metal songs ever, I figure that's a good time to find your legs.

I left the show sweaty and happy about it. Just a little sore in the neck, which thankfully is about the same today. I stretched out for 30 minutes before I went to the floor, though, so obviously that helped. And don't tell me I didn't exercise; my thighs have bruises on them from where I beat them playing airdrums.

Having no beer at the house(a capital crime) I stopped at the Safeway on the way home. I could feel the salt on my skin flake off as I moved through the store. Fuck 'em. It's 1230 on a Wed. I need beer.

1am is not the time to start thinking heavily about your life, unless you have someone to bounce ideas off of. I shrugged off the fact that I didn't have someone to have sex with in my pseduo-delirous state, finished my beer and went to bed. Most of the time, it's still good to be alive.


A.Ho said...

Sounds like a good time and a good event to clear the mind some. It never really crosses my mind that I don't have someone at home to have sex with. I just don't worry about it like that I guess. I sure would like someone to have sex with but I'm not really sure how much I want someone in my life other than that. The two tend to intertwine. Funny thing is, I'm giving it a go anyhow. Hormones are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...
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A.Ho said...

...and what do you mean you didn't have beer at the house?! I'm not sure what to think anymore.