Friday, May 14

Could happen

.: Sometimes I want to just throw all my stuff out, give it away, whatever and just start over. I guess I'd need to keep some clothes. I'd buy a couple books, a jigsaw puzzle and some crosswords. I'd get a bicycle, an acoustic guitar or maybe a violin. I'd move into a smaller apartment, maybe a studio, get a new bed or futon. Or maybe just a nice sleeping bag. I'd need some pencils and pens. Pencils for crosswords and pens for journaling, which I may or may not do, but I should have pens. I'd cut my hair, hell, maybe I'll get my hair cut. I'd pick 50 CDs to keep and buy a little stereo. Maybe I should do that. Give everything a couple of listens and sort through it. Or just go with the gut. I know what is worth keeping. In ways I think I have the simplest lifestyle of anyone I know and sometimes it all seems too demanding and superficial.

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Kris said...

I have a friend who is doing just that. Buying a laptop, ripping all his cds, selling them (and his car and his furniture and his . . . stuff). But he's doing it to move to Hungary, to teach English--in some ways necessitating the simple life. That's definitely more attractive a lifestyle than a complicated existence born of sedentariness.