Monday, May 31

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete First Season



Dan Reynolds is precious and cute. He wrote a letter suggesting people do research before dismissing the qualities of The Chief in a letter to the editor. At the end of his incredibly persuasive rant he recommends starting the task at The Chiefs honorable re-election website. While your there, face-to-face with pure, unbiased information, do some homework on John Kerry as well.

A former locals thoughts on Sasquatch.

Here's some words on Sasquatch from Kables. He lives in Portland but grew up in Yakima, to me that's local.

Saturday, May 29

A Nod From The Goddess

Kind of cool how a little something like this can make a persons day a bit better.

Friday, May 28

This is not my itinerary.

There is a bit of fun happening this weekend that I will not be part of. The Sasquatch festival is tomorrow at The Gorge. It will be a day filled with music, music that I am partial to.

I’ve never been to The Gorge. I’m not a fan of crowds. Move that crowd to a big field, far from my house, with porta-potties, expensive water and potentially hot-hot sun and I like it even less. I get anxious so I choose to avoid these events. Nonetheless, if I were more comfortable in such surroundings I would love to be there. The Gorge sits on the bank of the Columbia River Gorge and is said to be one of the most beautiful outdoor amphitheaters around.

Most of the bands that I would choose to see will be playing the mainstage. Here they are as a matter of priority: Sleater-Kinney, Built To Spill, The New Pornographers, The Shins, Cat Power and The Postal Service. Those last two could be swapped. There are a couple of bands on the secondary stage that I wouldn’t mind seeing too. The Black Keys are good and they play during the set of The Postal Service. It’s quite possile I’d choose their set. The Long Winters are fully pop-competent, but they play during The New Pornographers and on into Sleater-Kinney. The Decemberists are who I'd really like to see from the second stage. They'll be playing during Built To Spill and The Shins. I’ve seen Built To Spill, they were good but it probably could’ve been a better show. Seeing them again would be great given the possibility that they could pull off a mind-blower. I heard that The Shins weren’t so shit-hot live in Portland recently so I could duck and catch The Decemberists then.

Lollapalooza is coming to Auburn. Broken Social Scene and Sonic Youth will be there. I’ll give a hypothetical itinerary for that festival when the time comes.

Thursday, May 27

Madeleine likes to have her picture taken.

Shrek 2

.: The Cousin and I went and saw Shrek 2 this afternoon. I haven't seen a movie in the theater since, I think, Kill Bill v.1. I go through phases. This morning on my walk for coffee and breakfast I quite abruptly decided that I needed to see a movie. I've been too stressed out and busy for my liking and the things I normally do to relax just haven't been cutting it. In fact I'd say they've been adding to the grind. Laughs we're needed.

I didn't see Shrek in the theater. After all the hype I figured that it couldn't be that good and my friend Ben confirmed this. So I was quite surprised, when it got around to being in front of my face on video, to find it quite entertaining.

Of course I was subjected to the requisite trailers as well. The only one that stood out I can't remember the name of. It's from Pixar and has superheros. They're called 'The Incredibles' I think. It looks good. I will be there.


Testing the new photo-functionality. This is my nephew Sean.

Thursday, May 20

Clearing the air.

I like a good downpour, and we're getting one. Feels good. Well worth the mugginess leading up to it.

geek riots

.: So I went to see Fear Factory last night. Alone. I think there were at least 9 metal girls there I wanted to have sex with. I'm probably understating, but for our purposes, we'll say 9. Of those 9 metal girls, I'll let you guess how many had boyfriends.

Still-aside from sexual frustration-it was a good show. The band didn't really kick in until the 4th song, but when that song is Zero Signal, one of the best goddamn metal songs ever, I figure that's a good time to find your legs.

I left the show sweaty and happy about it. Just a little sore in the neck, which thankfully is about the same today. I stretched out for 30 minutes before I went to the floor, though, so obviously that helped. And don't tell me I didn't exercise; my thighs have bruises on them from where I beat them playing airdrums.

Having no beer at the house(a capital crime) I stopped at the Safeway on the way home. I could feel the salt on my skin flake off as I moved through the store. Fuck 'em. It's 1230 on a Wed. I need beer.

1am is not the time to start thinking heavily about your life, unless you have someone to bounce ideas off of. I shrugged off the fact that I didn't have someone to have sex with in my pseduo-delirous state, finished my beer and went to bed. Most of the time, it's still good to be alive.

Wednesday, May 19

Emmylou & Patriotism

Found this in the newest Esquire -- "Patriotism can be good or bad. Knee-jerk patriotism can be very bad. I'm patriotic almost to the point of self-consciousness, but I love my country the way I love a friend or a child who I would correct if she was going the wrong way. Who I expect the very best from." ~Emmylou Harris

Friday, May 14

Could happen

.: Sometimes I want to just throw all my stuff out, give it away, whatever and just start over. I guess I'd need to keep some clothes. I'd buy a couple books, a jigsaw puzzle and some crosswords. I'd get a bicycle, an acoustic guitar or maybe a violin. I'd move into a smaller apartment, maybe a studio, get a new bed or futon. Or maybe just a nice sleeping bag. I'd need some pencils and pens. Pencils for crosswords and pens for journaling, which I may or may not do, but I should have pens. I'd cut my hair, hell, maybe I'll get my hair cut. I'd pick 50 CDs to keep and buy a little stereo. Maybe I should do that. Give everything a couple of listens and sort through it. Or just go with the gut. I know what is worth keeping. In ways I think I have the simplest lifestyle of anyone I know and sometimes it all seems too demanding and superficial.

Thursday, May 13


I've been in a mood lately, man.

Monday, May 10

Eff the RIAA

.: According to, "The average amount of time annually that Americans spend listening to recorded music has declined, with the drop expected to continue." The graph shows that Americans spent 290 hrs/annually in 1999 vs. 228 hrs in 2002 and a projected 195 hrs in 2006. That may have something to do with declining CD sales vs. file-sharing, no?

They cite this source -- Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2003.

Friday, May 7


My DSL is back, I have a new phone number, and I found Battlestar Galactica for my XBox today for $20.