Wednesday, March 31

What is happy?


Go ahead and start with that. We'll talk when you get back.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of this-happiness can only be considered once your needs are met. The homeless don't give a fuck about free speech. They want a roof and 3squares a day.

Once that's met, though, then what? We should be doing something with ourselves that matters. That let's us know that life can be more than just sleeping/eating/fucking.

I need to make art. But if I can't, will I die, or just be so unhappy that the life/death question becomes moot?

Friday, March 19

The Maggot

.: Listening to the Melvins lately, b/c...well, I wanna. And I gotta say, when they're on, nobody can fucking touch them in the realm of Heavy Metal. Oh yes. And The Maggot is the best example of this ever. The sequels, The Bootlicker and The Crybaby are also very good, but nothing epitimizes Heavy Metal like The Maggot does.
It makes me wanna get really stoned and headbang.
And eat pussy(while stoned, after headbanging.)
What can I say?

Cavat; when The Melvins are off, they are sludgy noise that bores the fuck out of me and I'd rather use my fingernails to do a lobotomy. My lobotomy.

Friday, March 12

March 11th, 2004

I hope that the entire world is mourning.

Tuesday, March 9

It's not the first cultural sweep I've missed, though.

.: Well, maybe I'm just missing something then.
Don't get me wrong; they don't suck. I just don't see how they seized the day here, you know?

Monday, March 8

I, too, have seen them.

.: I've actually seen the first two seasons and most of the third. I think they're very good.
.: Dude, I saw the first 4 episodes of the Sopranos.
Didn't get it. I mean, it's good, but not brilliant, not Homicide or early Moonlighting or Farscape, Angel, whatever. It has boobs, blood and they say fuck. It doesn't suck, but I fail to see where it's better-or even equal, really- than anything Martin Scorsese has done.
So save your $$; rent the gangland adventures first, see if you dig on it.
I think it's an East Coast thing. The West Coast drama wouldn't be so...typical.

Sunday, March 7

Master Sword Forged

Cool. Thanks for the link Dan.

Friday, March 5

Tuesday, March 2


.: I'm not sure what that URL thing is for because it doesn't show up on the actual blog page, so links have to be added in the actual post with the little link doodad to the left of the B.

Something hideous should be done with this

.: But I'm not going to tell you what.

the new war

.: Will be over water. Freaks me out. Of course, the link just tells you how much companies lie to you.

And I liked Star Blazers, but WOW that's money that could be used to pay for an entire month's worth of beer. Maybe a month and a half.

Monday, March 1

$336.00!?, Yikes!!

Star Blazers

I think they'd make a lot more fucking money if they just gave it a wide release.


.: They know I am feeling weak. That's why the hot, hot girls are parading themselves about in my presence. Their attempts to lure me into glorious adventure make me silly with a mournful sort of glee.

.: Broken Social Scene's feel good lost is a very good album in my opinion. It is almost entirely instrumental with brilliant percussive touches, beautiful trombone and lovely song structures that build almost imperceptibly. The Thrills album grows on me. It is good solid pop, nearly quirky and not at all awful.

.: I have beer. I have noodles. I have nothing to put on the noodles. I have beer.

Run, run,run but you sure can't hide...

Huh. How's about that...Spokane is wired. Really, really wired.
Never woulda thunk it.

Point 1) Fuck I'm tired of penis spam. I just had to say that.

Point 2) The 3rd draft of my book is done.