Monday, February 23

yee and arghh

.: So, I've been waiting days for DSL. I signed up for it with Qwest a bit over 2 weeks ago. A few days later the modem was delivered by UPS, then a couple of days later Qwest called me, with a recording, to let me know that the service was ready to go. Then I tried to install the software for the modem and it says that I should have a welcome letter from the ISP I chose, SISNA. I still have not received said letter and have had no luck connecting without it. I have no idea if I need a password or anything and cannot even finish installing the software. I called and emailed SISNA tech support only to be told to call a given number by an email, or transferred to another number when I call one of the numbers I have. I even got a message where I could leave a call back number. Have I heard back yet? No. So I tried to call Qwest today and can't get through.

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