Wednesday, February 11


So I get this beermaking kit from my Dad for christmas. I like beer. I like making things. I like cooking. Seems like a natural fit, no?

I make the beer last Sunday. I had equipment I didn't even have a use for. Fuck me. And I don't quite make it right.

I tried, I really did. But even though I'd read the instructions 3x, I still short circuted a few things. So for the past 3 days I've been all down on myself for fucking up this beer. Making beer really isn't hard, and I want to do it right, but noooo. I don't even know if the fucker is gonna ferment, for christssakes, as I put the yeast in too soon.
Today I hear a gurgle from the closet.

Well goddamn. Maybe it's all gonna work out, you know?

Aaron; like the new name for the page.
Monestaries are overrated. There are other filters.

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