Saturday, February 28

sounds like...

.: I'm listening to The Long Winters When I Pretend to Fall, the first track reminds me of The Monks of Doom, the rest of the album doesn't.

Terabyte Triangle

Well hmmmm...

Tuesday, February 24


.: I have a hot dog and a coke.
.: I go to the music store and they have nothing and sometimes I go to pick up an album I've decided to buy and there are five or six more I desire. So, today I bought Broken Social Scene's reissued first album feel good lost and The Thrills So Much For The City. I have no concrete opinion on either one as of yet and I got them both for under $20 but, I feel I may have jumped the gun on The Thrills. As much as I trust Pitchfork Media I sometimes stray and maybe I shouldn't. The Thrills were on Letterman and had a good show. I often don't even like performances by bands I dig when they're on Letterman so I figured it must be safe. It is certainly not bad, it just isn't much.

Monday, February 23

yee and arghh

.: So, I've been waiting days for DSL. I signed up for it with Qwest a bit over 2 weeks ago. A few days later the modem was delivered by UPS, then a couple of days later Qwest called me, with a recording, to let me know that the service was ready to go. Then I tried to install the software for the modem and it says that I should have a welcome letter from the ISP I chose, SISNA. I still have not received said letter and have had no luck connecting without it. I have no idea if I need a password or anything and cannot even finish installing the software. I called and emailed SISNA tech support only to be told to call a given number by an email, or transferred to another number when I call one of the numbers I have. I even got a message where I could leave a call back number. Have I heard back yet? No. So I tried to call Qwest today and can't get through.

Saturday, February 21

Another strong review.

I bought Beyond Good & Evil out of the blue, having seen it for $19.99 on the GC. I checked some reviews and decided to make the purchase. With all the favorable reviews I was incredibly disappointed to not like this game, at first. It seemed cheesy and ridiculous, but I didn't give up. I'm starting to figure that, like music, some of the best games may not click at first.


Here is a good review of the game XIII. I haven't played as far into the game as this guy so I don't have quite the same view of it yet. He complains about having to play a certain section 50 times over. Yeah, I had to do that with a section too, but I mostly enjoyed it because when it came down to it it just had to be done that well. And he's right about the music, it rules. The only thing I don't understand is his reference to aiming problems in Rainbow Six 3. That's a damn good game, and I never had any problems aiming quickly and smoothly, any problems I had were a matter of the number and quickness of enemies.

Ian MacKaye Interview

Read it.

Friday, February 20

and they're gone

Tickets for The Pixies went on sale today at 10a.m. They sold out by 1p.m. Thankfully, and thanks to Vince, I have one. I really wish more people I know were able to get them. But as they're not playing Seattle or Portland, I'm sure that plenty of folks from those locales snagged some.
Ok, I'm in total disbelief! I just looked at the tour schedule again (link above) and they're only playing 5 shows in America, all the other shows are in Canada and Europe, and they're playing in Spokane. That's crazy. So it's quite possible that people from all over will be coming to see this show.

Sunday, February 15


I've been in video game mode all week long and actually most of last week too. Call it a craving. I have more than enough to keep me busy through March and probably April right now but I want more. It has become difficult to stay away from EB Games and more difficult yet to leave without spending money.
There will be Halo on Tuesday night, like last week, and probably next Tuesday also. I'm in training, on Ubisoft's XIII though. I cleared through quite a few of its levels pretty quickly the other day, then realized that the difficulty was set to 'Arcade'. They don't ask you to set the level prior to commencing this graphic adventure. 'Arcade' is the default and the easiest setting, so I upped it to 'Realistic', the most difficult setting, 'Normal' sits between the two. It's much harder now. Almost painfully so.
Also played this week P.N. 03 and Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy. PN3 is cool, a tactical arcade shooter on the GCube and Sphinx I really need to play more before I comment. Most everyone says they like it. I had minor concerns right off, some are aesthetic and some relate to gameplay.
After quite a few listens I'm starting to get 'The Rapture'. Their album Echoes will make you want to move if you let it. I don't find it incredibly inspired, as of yet, or groundbreaking and I have a hard time considering it Pitchfork Media's #1 album of 2003 (espescially over Broken Social Scene). But Interpol's 'Turn on The Bright Lights' was their 2002 pick for #1 and it took me a bit to get into also. My feelings on that album? Well, I listen to it more often then Wilco's 'YHF' and Wilco is the proverbial shit, in my book. Interpol fashioned a brilliant album.

FYI -- My top picks of 2003

1. Broken Social Scene ~You Forgot it in People
2. Radiohead ~Hail to The Thief
3. The Shins ~Chutes Too Narrow

I also recently picked up Sufjan Steven's 'Michigan' and I have to say that had I gotten my hands on it in 2003 when it came out it might've displaced the 2 or 3 spot. That was a hard record to get my hands on.

Wednesday, February 11

Deep Thought

The more I listen to it, the more I feel like I've heard it before.

...word for the day: Twerp


So I get this beermaking kit from my Dad for christmas. I like beer. I like making things. I like cooking. Seems like a natural fit, no?

I make the beer last Sunday. I had equipment I didn't even have a use for. Fuck me. And I don't quite make it right.

I tried, I really did. But even though I'd read the instructions 3x, I still short circuted a few things. So for the past 3 days I've been all down on myself for fucking up this beer. Making beer really isn't hard, and I want to do it right, but noooo. I don't even know if the fucker is gonna ferment, for christssakes, as I put the yeast in too soon.
Today I hear a gurgle from the closet.

Well goddamn. Maybe it's all gonna work out, you know?

Aaron; like the new name for the page.
Monestaries are overrated. There are other filters.

And FUCK George Lucas.

Han shot first.

Thursday, February 5

Bird news.

a new customer for Rand McNally

I suppose...

...the only way to forget the shit I don't care about at all would be to:
a) never ever watch tv
b) or listen to the radio
c) or log on to the internet
d) or talk to any one who ever does a, b, or c

this means I must join a monastery.

of course as soon as you click on that link you'll be reminded too. I apologize.

Don't Show Me That!!!

Here we go now.

Monday, February 2

In other news...

I'm spring cleaning.


Since when are tits crass? Leave this shit alone because shit happens, and even if it was a 'stunt' who gives a flying fuck. With all the lowbrow crap on television that people are allowed and encouraged to watch I think we, as a society and country, can deal with seeing a teat. Get the fuck over it.