Tuesday, December 30

Long time comin'

I've finally tired of PBJ sandwiches. It only took 30 years, I figure.
The suck part of this; mobile lunches that are cheap don't take too many other forms.

The thing about Spokane is that it can't ever get over its conflict about who it is. There aren't enough smart/hip people to keep really cool and potentially envelope pushing( for Spokane, at least) business, ideas, and events going for very long.
You have to pander to the idiot class to make anything work in Spokane, is what I'm saying, or do what you do so well-and with virtually no competition-that failure is nearly impossible. But without risk, there is no reward, and so why risk?
I like Spokane. I grew up there. But it's fucking boring all too often, and almost always plays to the least common denominator, with very few exceptions.
And that's why I'm glad I'm in Portland. Spokane would make me angry/depressed, and I've slept with too many women-they know me now.

Sunday, December 21

Least Cool

Ever notice how the people who think they're the shit are the least cool. You'll find them at the 'New' hot-spot in town called Pubn'Club. It's actually kind of a clever idea. The problem is that it's antiquated and mediocre; welcome to Spokane, WA. The gist of it is that you open a bar, a simple and basic concept. Then you decide you're going to split the bar in half; one side pub, one side club. One side has pitchers of beer, pool and bright lights. The other side is club lighting, dance floor, and cocktails; add three or four black people -- and 'Funky Cold Medina' and you're fucking set. Club side: Pretend you're in a different city, mix up the race ratio a bit and add some dance music from this century and maybe you'd have something. Pub side: You've gotta have at least a halfn'half mix of micros and domestic on tap, dim the lights, put in a couple of pinball machines, a jukebox, some WOOD ( by which I mean trees), give up some popcorn or nuts and you might be on your way. Now look around and realize your next to the Satellite (which is starting to look good) and that your in the old Our Place. Go home.

Monday, December 15


There are few things harder on my spirit as being acknowledged when I desperately want not to be.
Except, perhaps, not being seen when I'm asking for it.

Friday, December 5

grouchy old man

Oh it has been raining for far too long.
I'm having dreams about going to islands to visit my Dad, going to nowhere toy stores and getting old school Transformers. I was torn between getting Optimus or Ultra Magnus and Galvitron.
I'm pretty sure I woke up before I actually chose.
I feel chilled and tired and I'm horny and sober and GODDAMNIT something's gotta be done about this.
I think I'll take a nap and get drunk. 2/4 ain't bad.

Monday, December 1

It is

a two shower day.