Friday, November 14

zombies, kill bill and god only knows what

I had dream last night, involving me and Dan C. going to see Kill Bill.(I haven't seen this movie)
We go-and the screen is in a drive-in style theatre, with the screen mounted on a small hill.
Then; the credits start, and I'm pulled into the opening of the movie.
The car I'm driving goes off a cliff. It embeds into a hill, at an abandoned house in Cali-very nice one-and zombies are after me.
It takes 3 tries-me attempting to escape, ending up in the house which is actually the cover for some kind of gov't ops thing, trapped in a hallway, while the corpses on the floor inflate from fishlike things in blue-white spacesuits to human zombie things in blue white spacesuits, then kill me, but a voice intervines "That's not how it happened" -before I stop going in the house and find the keys to the trunk of the car.
Pop the hood open, pull out a big pump-action shotgun, single barrel, and use it to fend off the zombies while I sprint for another hill.
A helicopter begins to circle. It's black with lots of people onboard, all in military regalia and they want to do Bad Things(tm) to me.
I leap into a ditch of sorts. It's like piles of leaves, but open on two sides onto a brilliant field of neon green grass with a bench, right in front of the field.
I play dead. The copter can't see me-and for some reason they cannot tell I'm alive.
buried in the dirt next to me; a sniper. I can see the sniper barrel and part of the scope sticking out from the dirt. Just over the dirt ridge; the White House.
Military people saying "We can't find the sniper; he must be gone." But I know he's there. Hasn't moved for days. Buried in dirt.
My shotgun has turned into a sniper rifle, I've noticed. I'm covered in filth.
The sniper shoots a target so far away I only see the pink figure fall.
Everyone goes batshit. I'm dead; I don't have to move.

Pop culture dreams are very, very weird.

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