Wednesday, October 29

Unwilling to repeat myself

So just click on the link to the left for my web site. The Nad Live one. 10/29 entry.
love ya'll.

Thursday, October 23

From an article at Slate

Asked once by New Musical Express what his idea of heaven was, Smith replied, "George Jones would be singing all the time. It would be like New York in reverse. People would be nice to each other for no reason at all. And it would smell good."

Seems like you could do a whole hell of a lot worse, you know?
Seems like things should be a hell of a lot better, too.

Sunday, October 12


Kill Bill = Yes

Friday, October 10


Neil Young's album 'On The Beach' was just released on CD. It's cheap, and good. I can also recommend The Wrens 'Meadowlands', The Constantines 'Shine a Light', My Morning Jacket 'It Still Moves', and if you're reading this randomly, whoever you are, you MUST find and buy and listen to over and over and over again Broken Social Scene's 'You Forgot It In People'

And an early Christmas gift from Marty and Chad. Holy Crap! Thanks you guys. Now I only need to leave the house for fresh air and to not forget what trees are.

Sunday = Kill Bill

Monday, October 6

that's a lot of beer...

Although, since I've been to the 'Fest(best drinking event, ever) I'm not surprised.
Next year, going for 7!