Monday, September 8

I am mine

I've been making tapes this weekend. It's been a long 72 fucking hours for me, I have to say.
Bacon of the month club. OK. Let's hope that the bacon monopolies don't rise up and stop us all.

I feel like ranting or posting porn or something stupid like that. Not the place for it; you wanna see crazy crap like that, you can hit my site, damnit, I'm trying to be an intellectual here.

Showed my roomie the pic of the dude with the drill bit in his head. Favorite quote from that story:"I ran my hands up the drill bit, up to my eye, and put my other hand in the back of my head and felt it coming through the back of my head," Hunt remembered. "And that's where pretty much the shock set in."
Uh...understatement, anyone?
Currently listening to Pearl Jam's Riot Act. Better than most people give it credit for, I think.

Met a dude on Friday who'd had his heart replaced at 22. He's 27 now. It's a crazy world to live in, ennit?

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