Monday, September 29

I enjoy this blog.

Meaning this one. Scroll to the September 28th entry 'Aura of Safety'.

Sunday, September 28


I had some stuff to put here a couple of days ago but I was having log in difficulties. I don't remember the particulars.

What's new:

DJ Shadow ~ Endtroducing
My Morning Jacket ~ It Still Moves

Both very good albums.

Not much on my mind, blogwise, lately and I've been lazy.

Tuesday, September 23


That's too much fun. And evil too. Have I told you how much I love you?

Saturday, September 20

Hell, let's mix it up with the Muppets too.

I get Grover.

What I want--

A first person shooter using the settings and characters of Sesame St. With a little creative expansion and license of course.

Wednesday, September 17

paper tigers

See what happens when I go on vacation? I come up to visit, and suddenly we have nothing to talk about.
I did get the web site's new look finished last night. Except for the Misc page, but that's just going to hold a bunch of useful things like Transformer links and shit like that.

So I've now had some of the xbox experience. It was good, but not convincing. Buttons placed in awkward places(start, white, black) a d-pad that seems surperflous. The games, being the money we're talking about here, were solid. KOTOR was cool, and I could get sucked into it, but combat seemed a little distancing. As a stat-based event, though, it's a lot closer to the pen and paper RPG's than Final Fantasy gets.

Halo. Is very good. Playing while hungover I nearly threw up when I fell off a chasm. It was a good thing to go to Dolly's and get breakfast. Very, very good.

Multiplayer was pretty engaging. With people who are skilled at that game I bet it's a riot. With a weak link(me) things can get very tricky, since it's harder to have fun when your role is as bullet sponge, if the type of game picked doesn't force players to engage with each other. And I have a long, long way to understanding tactics, not only in multiplayer but in teams. But I could've stayed up way, way too late doing this, and that's always a good sign. Have to get a couple FPS so I can practice, do better next Halo run.

Tuesday, September 9

eye biblio

Hey Vince,
How's that new toy/tool working out?






Dan - I think you should seriously consider upgrading to some sort of CD burning process. You could get a CD Player for you car at a very reasonable price. Seems to me like it would be much less work.


Tomorrow, 9 AM-ish, a man will be here to repair my faucet. Hmm. That's in five hours.

Watched Frequency tonight with my brother. An interesting and not at all bad movie.

Monday, September 8

I am mine

I've been making tapes this weekend. It's been a long 72 fucking hours for me, I have to say.
Bacon of the month club. OK. Let's hope that the bacon monopolies don't rise up and stop us all.

I feel like ranting or posting porn or something stupid like that. Not the place for it; you wanna see crazy crap like that, you can hit my site, damnit, I'm trying to be an intellectual here.

Showed my roomie the pic of the dude with the drill bit in his head. Favorite quote from that story:"I ran my hands up the drill bit, up to my eye, and put my other hand in the back of my head and felt it coming through the back of my head," Hunt remembered. "And that's where pretty much the shock set in."
Uh...understatement, anyone?
Currently listening to Pearl Jam's Riot Act. Better than most people give it credit for, I think.

Met a dude on Friday who'd had his heart replaced at 22. He's 27 now. It's a crazy world to live in, ennit?

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Saturday, September 6

A Link

Put mouse pointer here, now click.

Thursday, September 4

gettin on

I don't hunt so much as scavenge. I'm not sure what that means.

for your perusal

The Realist Manifesto

Tuesday, September 2

Whose mother approved you?

Is the question I'm finally asking. You going MILF hunting?

My weekend was kinda lame. Hopefully yours was better.