Tuesday, August 19

Wouldn't you like to be a Blogger too?

Dan, just do as you are doing. Be yourself, treat this as a little side site of your own. Don't worry about it at all, it would be near impossible to disappoint me.

Vince. Believe. You will benefit from my audience. Everyone is knocking down my door, or port, as the case may be. My open mic may be your rocket to the moon. I hear there may be Cylons there. Oh and LINKS: Highlight the word or symbol, what have you, as if you were going to cut/copy and paste it then click on the little globe/chain-link icon under the 'posts' tab, insert URL. Verify.

On to me.

Me. You had a nice weekend, if you didn't know. Frustrating, in some ways, but healthy.

I saw Cathy the other day. With her new boyfriend. Head clearing was required. I felt very angry. I new she was seeing this guy, who I also know, but had never 'seen' them 'together'. Anger welled up. But after walking and processing I calmed down. Anger comes from the fact that I am still feeling very let down by a lack of commitment. But, then I realize slowly that it's all ok, in fact it is good. I know that her and I should not be together, for specific reasons. But, there is pain, because even with the anger and disappointment, I still adore, care about, and think the world of her. Se la vie.

Getting grease out of your way-

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