Wednesday, August 13

Vince, I don't think anyone should be successful writing Smiths songs. Sorry, but that's how I feel about it.
And while the lyrics have some nice poetry to them, and I can get a 'singy' vibe from them, it's harder to evaluate without hearing it.
Ah, the limitations of the net.
Still, it's good to have a direction. I know when I dried up while writing my book a couple years back(I'm editing it now, so things are different, creatively) it was suggested that I just write something else. Not that I stop writing, but start doing something else-so I cranked out a couple short stories and found myself interested in the book again.

My Dad is visiting. He's sort of stuck here, as his car is not quite ready for prime time, so he'll be here through the weekend. It's good to have him around, but I feel for him. He's bored and stuck here, little, if any money, and everyone is gone during the day. We come home and he's all bouncy. I'm having to learn how to be civil and nice right when I come in the door-usually I want to be grouchy until I've gotten either 1) a nap 2) a blowjob or 3) dinner. Or all of those.
Then of course, I'm doing my thing and he gets left behind sometimes. I don't like it, exactly, but I feel like he's a grownup and I don't have to take care of his shit all the time. Don't get me wrong, I'm attempting to do things just with him, but we're restrained by time and $ and the fact that he's resembling Grandpa Simpson in temperment.

Hey Capt, the image link at the bottom is broken, at least in Netscape.
Also-should we put our emails up here?

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