Tuesday, August 19


Seeing old girls with new guys is a bear. Am not looking forward to that experience, which is bound to be in my future, and quite possibly soon. Let's bust out the oompah band, 'cause it's a party in my mind and everyone is on fire. Sounds like you handled it very well, Aaron, and I'm proud of ya. Me; I'd've gone to a pub, written two pages on legal paper in the shittiest handwriting every while drinking Dead Guy Ale. Go home while still sober, and then hit the Jager until Despair became a tangible presence on my couch, (or cooch, as they say in Oregon. Don't ask-It's fucked) and I could beat it with Manowar CDs. Or maybe not. It's fun to entertain fantasies, though.

Yah-hey, I've got this puppy linked up from my site, so who knows what fools may follow. I'll be redesigning mine though, and very soon; I've been playing with Photoshop and everything, so hopefully this will be easier to find from my site. I was just figuring I'd see how other people were doing stuff. Learning via theft, as it were.

And I'd wager this is unlike most blogs, since you have 3 very distinct minds operating here, and, as Vince noted, there's a disconnect between he and I-so there's probabaly a higher element of random crazy.

I am looking forward to Bubba Ho-Tep-movie. URL: http://www.bubbahotep.com/ and Underworld-which is Romeo and Juliet for vampires and werewolves. My roomie wants to see Freddy v Jason-I imagine I'll go. But I'd really really like to wait until I can have beer with that film, and he doesn't want to wait. Sigh.

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