Monday, August 18

There's some scary shit out there. What else can you say?

Battlestar Galacta. Fuuuuk. I'm very, very tired of the mining of my youth for...well, anything really. I suppose it's better that there's a remake instead of a rip-off, but art is all about stealing other people's ideas, so why not just go balls out?

I guess I'll have to start paying attention to other blogs, see how this is done. I feel a little useless, when I should be all over this. Of course, I just managed to d/l my own site onto my computer, so I can update from home and on the weekends, there.

Sorry. I'm lacking wit and anything resembling subtlity; between Aug11-15th I can honestly say I can't think of a correction decision I made, and I'm paying for it now.

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