Tuesday, August 12

OK, I wrote a song today. When I say "wrote a song" I mean that I came up with at least the rough idea. At least the concept if a song with words (most of my songs have words to them, at least eventually) and the melody. I came up with a verse and chorus structure and the melody. Not sure what it's called yet but the subject is "The F Word". This came to mind as I have a song or two that contain cussin'. So, I am trying to decide if I am alright with this- cussin' in my songs. I know, I know- "Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his songs to sell records- well I do- so fuck him and fuck you, too."
But I digest...So anyway I wrote a song today. I am grateful for this. It has been a dry season for me creatively. I have been frustrated by this, let me tell you. I have a hard time just letting myself create without editing as I go, which is so dangerous. I just have the hardest time accomplishing anything when I am critical of my product as I make it, so to speak. Hooray for self doubt!

"Don't you like Frappacinos?
What about friends?
Havin' fun in the summer sun
That you never want to end.

And how about fudgesicles?
Or Freedom Fries?
Fireworks goin' off in
Fourth of July Skies."

OK, there was a sampling of the words from aforementioned songy-poo. I just listened to the tape again (the only way to be sure I capture the melody, since I do not read music) and I approve. It is a good song.
So, then, another beef I have with my process, my flavor, the tone of my stuff: Most of the songs I write are funny. At least on the surface. I am not at peace with this notion. I mean, I am not trying to write joke or novelty shit, really. And I am afraid that it will come off that way. I have written some Cure, Nirvana, Echo+Bunnymen and Smiths songs in my day. Not too much success with those in my estimation- I just have a tough time taking anything so seriously as to get really upset or depressed about it. And yet, the artists I just named are some of my favorites. So what to do? Should I just go with what comes naturally to me? Should I be upset that I am not more upset? Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm..."

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