Monday, August 25

Mikey likes it.

Ok. You can call me on 'the brave' but it's hard to dispute 'the few'. I only put the two together because they sound good anyhow.

Hardrive. 8GB (way more than I need I'll admit) to save any game, or music, that I damn desire. Any game I rent, borrow, or steal, I can save on my XBox. By the time the average GameCube, and i'd guess PSII, gamer buys two or three memory cards that pays for my harddrive. Admittedly, if I need to transfer a character's stats over to a friends XBox for gaming purposes then I'd need a memory card of my own. So far I personally haven't needed one. Like I said before though, well, implied, had someone handed me a PSII I would have gladly taken it. My decision to buy an XBox was partly influenced by the number of people I know that also own one. The fact that I recently found out that my buddy Nathan's cousin works for Microsoft, for XBox, can get us nearly any game for $10-$20 only makes me smile more.

I've only hearsay to go by that Splinter Cell, comparatively, isn't so hot on the PSII, while it is actually better on the PC. Anyhow.

I just wanted to say I like my XBox and that I was awed by the amount of people that own game consoles.


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