Friday, August 15


ok, so there was a Halo party last night. Overall I thought I played pretty well, BUT, there was one session of CTF, teams of 4 (mine) and 3, and did we ever get schooled. Nine to Zero. In our defense, we had one Halo virgin, but so did they. Also in our defense, two of my team had never played the map, and it was a format of CTF we'd never played, so there was confusion. After we figured our shit out we kept their scoring down, but we still couldn't score shit. It was an incredible blast. It will happen again.

Our 'crew' needs to figure out somewhere to set up four tv's. Then play some 16 person shit.

So, Mountain Dew LiveWire. Apparently limited edition pop/soda. You better hurry.

You could just buy Orange Crush, there's no caffeine then, but if you seriously need caffeine that badly, it's time to get serious about coffee.

glossary: CTF = Capture the Flag

oh yeah, Vince lost his Halo virginity. He was on my team.

Thanks go out to: Brian, Josh, Jeff, Grant, and Chad.

Dishwasher Safe

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