Monday, August 25

in my defense

I have found out that I, along with a selection of my friends, truly are a part of the few and the brave. Why? XBox. As of August 10th only 58,954 XBox units have been sold in 2003. That's quite a few I guess, but, my nonconformity shines through when you see that the Game Boy Advance SP has sold 1.5 million units. I don't know an exact date, but that things only been out like 3 months. Moving forward the PSII, which has been out, what, like 4 years, also sold 1.5 million units, the Gamecube sold 376,000 and even the PSI has sold 42,000 units this year alone (and half as many as the XBox just this week).

I shall not waver. I love my XBox. I love the controller and the break-away cord, I love having a harddrive on board, I love that it plays DVD's and CD's (which the PSII also does I am sure), I love linking it to another XBox and fucking shit up on Halo with my buddies. I am fully pleased with my purchase. It's worth it for Splinter Cell, MechAssault, HALO, Star Wars: KOTOR, and as of late, fucking SSX Tricky ( I am fully aware that this is not an exclusive title, It just kicks ass and looks fucking amazing on the XBox ).

I am not, however, some sort of console bigot, I dig shit on the Gamecube too, like Metroid Fucking Prime, and I've seen Zelda and it looks amazing as well. I've also had my share of fun on the PSII, like with the game Bouncer when Dan and I just sat around all weekend beating it, along with going out for food and beer. I find myself adaptable to all the controllers, though I don't like the labeling of the PSII controller buttons with 'triangle', 'circle', 'square', and 'X'. I don't even really have a good reason, I just don't like it. My brain finds it difficult to dole out or receive the required words when trying to communicate which button needs to be pressed when learning a control scheme. This reminds me that one of the things I like about the XBox controller is the fact that the major buttons are labeled and color coded, A=green and etcetera.

OK, I think I'm done.

-Just heat and serve,

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