Monday, August 25

I am him

Dude-I'm sorry, but I'm callin' bullshit on your "few and the brave" line. Heh.
I mean, if 1 in 7 people HAVE a current game console, then you've just made a choice from a variety of products. It'd be like me saying b/c I own a Nissan, I'm one of the few, proud...wait. How many people own cars?
Secondly; I don't think anyone who's using a Microsoft product can make the claim to be part of the few or brave. Admittedly, you've deflated my own arguement by citing the number of GBA's in use.
Third; Splinter Cell is on the PS2. Figure the PS2 will see KOTOR in a year-but maybe not. I'm not exactly all for console incompatability, but if it brings better games...

And that's what it's all about. Word. Grand Theft Auto 3. Yowza. Final Fantasy X. Deus Ex. Eternal Darkness. Metroid Fucking Prime. I lost two weeks of my life to that game and I wouldn't trade them for anything less than a ride on the fellatio carousel of joy. And while I liked the one game I played on the Xbox-Serious Sam, I think, I don't know nothin' for nothin' about any of the other games. As you may remember Aaron, women came over and disrupted our manly plans of drinking fucktons of beer and blowing pixels up.

But I still don't like the fucking controllers on the 'Cube-they just don't feel balanced to my symmetric hands. Something about the way I'm forced to grip the damn things...however, I can manage. Xbox controllers I'm not sure about. I was getting used to them, last time I was up, but I don't feel any particular love of them. Since I'm not a graphics whore; actually, I'd rather have an interesting story than anything else, right after great control. The gameplay has to hold up, but after that-I mean I take no love of playing sports games. Nothing happens. Same with fighting games-you fight, you win, you lose, so what? Max Payne, though, that's Cooooool. I even want to play the Enter the Matrix game, which everyone says sucks, because it's supposed to add to the whole Matrix story, and I like that idea. A lot.

Lastly; what's the big fuckin' deal about having a harddrive on a console? Am I just missing something, or what? I haven't heard/seen how that aids the gaming experience at all. I mean, sure, if you're hardcore maybe you can dig into it's guts and screw around with the OS-but I'm so far away from hardcore. I'm not saying it's wrong, but if you're charging me for things that don't actively enhance my gaming experience, then why am I buying this product? If I don't need a harddrive, don't give me one and knock 100 billz off the price. I'd friggin' own an Xbox if it only ran me $79. (But then, wouldn't everyone?)

Maybe not, though. I have enough crap. Why should I get another?

At, the letters editor put it this way: PS2 has the Most games. Xbox has the best Looking games. Gamecube has the Best games.

I'm not currenly inclined to dispute that...

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